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  1. We can argue over the quality, but the real reason was price; and it still goes on, the Ladies will be race down to certain clothing stores to buy stuff produced by some young girls in India on a few Rupees a day, that's the top and bottom of it. Of course, it could be argued that international capitalism and global trade are actually acting in coincidental manner to balance wealth globally, by giving jobs and income to poor countries; but the consequence is that the rich countries suffer as a result. It is argued that the rich countries should adjust their economies to produce "high end" products, which implies a requirement for high levels of education and training, the provision of which is questionable. But the issue comes down to the balance of trade at the end of the day, and dependency or otherwise on imports and impact on jobs.
  2. - his Castle ? Seems a 78yo has been charged with murder, after stabbing to death one of two burglars, he found in his home. Would imagine it'll take a jury less than 5 minutes to find him not guilty.
  3. Again sorry, but your slipping into Hollywood rules, which allow guilt to be awarded merely on the basis of accusation, backed up by the acclaim of the social media mob. Any professional investigation would be evidence led, not politically or emotionally contrived.
  4. Sorry, but no irrefutable evidence has been produced to-date, all we have is conjecture and the wild accusations of a pompous ex-public schoolboy, who wouldn'y have been out of place leading the 600 at Balaclava. Meanwhile, Corbyn is merely awaiting such irrefutable proof, before jumping on a bandwagon, such composure is rare in a politician nowadays, and the huge risk is - he may be proved right.
  5. At the end of the day, it's all about costs and the market. In a totally "free market" without tariffs, China or other poorly paid workforces would win hands down. Presumably that's why the EU pursues protectionist policies, in essence, a glorified protection racket. Likewise, Trump has noticed an imbalance of trade with China and others, hence his embarkation on a trade war. At the end of the day, the purpose and point of the State is to protect it's own interests and it's own people. The problem is of course, that it's often "the people" who let themselves down, as did the UK in the 60s buying cheap Japanese goods, then witnessing the resulting job losses in the UK. The Germans tend to buck this trend by staying loyal to their own products, thus they retain a trade surplus.
  6. Thought Boris had already decided it was the Russians ? After almost a month of this "lethal agent" lying around, seems the authorities have decided a mass "clean up" is now required - you couldn't make it up, but perhaps we'll discover they have !
  7. Think you've hit the nail on the head there Sid.
  8. I'm sure they have stockpiles, just as West has; so perhaps they don't want it made public - it might scare folk.
  9. Think you may find that truth is often stranger than fiction Con, WMD's , Dr Kelly etc. Any foreign State should have access to it's own Nationals, which is the diplomatic convention. If we refuse them access in this case, they'll just reciprocate in future, which is why, eventually, they'll be allowed access. I'm afraid there are more holes in this case than a colander, if and when it all unwinds and the Gov falls, the question will be, who do we put in No10 ? Not a lot of choice is there ?!
  10. It's the new "identity politics" Con; it's much easier to label someone a "racist" than to debate an issue. The problem I have with it, is that the word "racist" has been totally abused, because the folk who use it have no understanding of the scientific classification of races, and confuse it with religion or nationality. There is of course, the argument that there is only one "race", the human race; in which case it would be impossible to be "racist" !
  11. A perfectly natural and common sense deduction Asp; but alas, this "I want the same as you" scenario now has taken off. EG: the female shop workers claiming the same rates as the men in the warehouse; if a woman works in the warehouse, she gets the same rate as the blokes, conversely, if a bloke works in the shop, he gets the same rate as the women. Why? Because they are different jobs, and the employer has quite rightly placed a value on those jobs. But we've had the case of the Council dinner ladies, claiming the same as the Binmen, which they won, why, I don't know, cos the jobs are totally different. The principle is quite clear, same job = same pay; but it's morphed into "job of equal value", equal value to whom ? The only entity that can value a job is the employer, years ago, they would employ "time and motion" experts to do it. Perhaps they'll invent an app, to monitor workers physical and mental effort in order to decide !
  12. You'd think so Dave, first thing they show on TV in criminal cases ("do you recognise these men?); alas, in this case zilch.
  13. Seems Porton Down can't prove that the nerve agent was manufactured in Russia - so it looks like the plot is unwinding already. No CCTV images of Russians in full protective suits walking around Salisbury. Two people only affected by a "deadly nerve agent", and one of them is now sitting up in bed. Only Boris could have thought this one up !
  14. Lots of noise about this nowadays, and HMG have requested Companies give the percentage differentials. Seems Ryanair has one of the widest; now (at a guess) if 90% of pilots are male and 90% of flight attendants are female, wouldn't that be the reason for the "gap" ? Or are they saying that trolley dollies should be paid the same as the guy who's flying the plane ?
  15. Don't think they'll last 20 years.
  16. Dogs tend to reflect the personalities of and treatment by, their owners.
  17. Think we're already discussing the symptoms of a breakdown in order and control in this topic.
  18. I'm sure they would prefer anarchy, until it happens.
  19. Take your point about IT, and possibly more, the civil service appear incapable of organising a drinking session in a brewery these days. However, Gov has a duty to plan for service and policy provision based on population growth and development. EG housing, educational, transport, social care needs; and information is essential to this end. Most Countries use 10 yearly census information for this; but the added dimension today is security; if (as seems to be the case), folk desire secure borders and the prevention of terrorism, it's inevitable that this can only be achieved by more State controls. I suppose it's a question of balance at the end of the day, between anarchy and authoritarianism.
  20. Well we've got Liz, and Charlie, Wills and now George, lined up for the top job, so it would seem the rest could get proper jobs and pay their own way in the world.
  21. I hate to accept that the EU did anything right, but in the case of Regional aid, they clearly identified areas of the North for additional aid, which would have been paid directly had not Thatcher insisted it be paid via central UK Gov, and thus compromised. Wealth gravitates to centres of political control and economic activity, and as with demographic imbalances, redistribution mechanisms are required to correct the imbalance.
  22. So what's the problem with that ? Everyone carries "cards" around with them nowadays, in the absence of cash; in fact it would be even better if they combined the two functions. On cruise ships, every passenger is issued with a photo ID, which is swiped as you leave or enter the ship, thus the Captain knows who's on board and who isn't. With modern technology, one would think it possible to have a similar system for the UKBF and Police. As for "illegal" entrants and stayers, clearly the Authorities aren't doing their job, if 600,00 deportees have not actually been deported, and 250,000 entrants have been lost off the radar. It's a complete shambles, making a complete joke of any claim to "secure borders". This of course, has been compounded by the EU with Shengen, which allows "illegals" to travel all the way through Europe, as they head for the UK. In France and Belgium they have camps or hostels for them, they refuse to apply for asylum in those countries, as their intent is to enter the UK.
  23. Depends how sloppy or otherwise the issuing of NI numbers is, whether they can be forged or whether, when using the NHS, your NI number is even asked for ? We clearly don't have a workable system in place, if 600,000 who should have been deported are still with us, and 250,000 HMG didn't even know were here !
  24. Nothing sinister in using ID cards (just like passports), which would allow the 600,000 illegal migrants to be rounded up and deported; anything less is merely a joke.
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