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  1. That goes to the heart of the cause of this particular conflict Dave - religion or religious sectarianism. They may be Muslim, but Assad belongs to a minority Alluwyt Sect, akin to Shia; whilst the majority who rebelled with the Arab Spring, are Sunni. Thus it became a proxy war between the Sunni, backed by the Saudis, and Shia, backed by Iran. Russia, who had been searching for a Mediterranean base, came in later on the side of the "official" Government under Assad. Whilst there is no question that that Assad was a Dictator, his father having brutally suppressed rebellions in the past; the rebels were mainly motivated by sectarianism, rather than a desire for secular liberal democracy. So, contrary to Asp's post; the fall of the Dictators, arising from the defeat of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, which spread (fanned by global media) to Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, as a result of the Arab Spring, was a consequence of the Bliar/Bush invasion of Iraq. Bliar's naïve notion, that dictatorships, that had kept the lid on sectarianism, could be replaced by liberal democracies, was proven wrong, and their replacement gave way to sectarian anarchy. No doubt there were modern, secular educated classes within those countries, but the majority of rural peasantry preferred a sectarian future. This schism, applies in Turkey, where Ergadan has played the rural peasants against the secular liberals to win power. In Syria, the anarchy allowed the rise of a particularly extreme sect in the form of ISIS. So yes, I think we can lay the blame on Western meddling in the M/East, trying to create a world in their own image, on the origins of this conflict. As for the future, there needs to be imo, a return to strong dictatorships, until such times that a culture of liberal democracy has evolved, so in the case of Syria, the sooner Assad wins, the sooner the anarchy will end.
  2. Think your right there Dave, Trump is totally unpredictable, which can scupper any rational calculations in this poker game; and he's under threat of impeachment, making him even more unpredictable. However, Putin is not without pressures, as a populist, he needs to appear strong to his fan base, and thus we have a dangerous combination in play. It's interesting that lower echelon beings around the world have been contacting their counterparts and appealing for calm and to avoid the situation spiraling out of control. The irony of this intervention, is that it will be unlikely to change the ultimate outcome in Syria, just merely prolong the suffering and the excuse for migration.
  3. The illegality of chemical weapons derives from an attempts to sanitize war, and thus make it acceptable. As Robert E Lee said - "it's good that war is so terrible, otherwise men would grow too fond of it ". So argueing over the deaths of 40 people, puts the deaths of millions in the frame - insanity at it's best.
  4. Could merely be an industrial chemical site - remember Cambells ! No doubt the same result as last year's firework display - none.
  5. Well, it's legal case fails on all 3 criteria imo; as the bombing of civilians merely compounds the loss of civilian life - don't be fooled by the myth of smart weapons, they all explode, killing humans. No "convincing" evidence -yet. No "large scale" use. Fail to see anything but hypocracy in the notion that chemical weapons are illegal, while much more deadly nuclear weapons are not. And IF it's later proven that the incident was faked by the Syrian rebels, will we pay Assad for the damage ?! The sooner Assad wins, the sooner this nightmare will end, our involvement merely prolongs the inevitable.
  6. Like last year's event, just for show and no doubt choreographed with the Russians to avoid escalation. Donald wants to distract from his impending impeachment, May want's to distract from selling us out on Brexit and Macron wants to gain favours with the Saudis - "Oh what a tangled web we weave etc". The hypocracy is quite nauseating, all have nuclear arsenals capable of killing millions, yet criticise the alleged use of chemical weapons that killed 40. They have no mandate from the UN for this action, therefore making it an illegal act of war against a sovereign nation, just like Bliar's disasterous adventure in Iraq, which kicked off the "Arab Spring" and the current anarchy in the first place.
  7. Interesting TV prog about "black ops"; which covered the Israeli destruction of a Syrian nuclear reactor, that was feared to be part of a plan to build a nuclear bomb. Having used special forces to recce the site and assess it's stage of development, they completely destroyed it with an air strike. But it didn't end there: the mastermind behind the Syrian nuclear programme (Gen Suliman), was then "taken out" by a special forces assassination squad (the Kidon) of sniper frogmen, landed outside his seaside holiday villa. This merely demonstrates the nature of covert military action by modern Governments, and that State sponsored terrorism and assassination are a common trend, and that truth really is stranger than fiction.
  8. Seems there are some politicians with common sense, the Tory Chair of the Defence select cttee; summarized the Syrian shambles by saying " we have a despicable dictator fighting a collection of religious fanatics (with the exception of the Kurds); neither of whom is worthy of our support or intervention"; let's hope such sound judgement prevails.
  9. Think the salient point is "without a master plan"; Councils have left development to piece meal development by developers, without any overall vision of what they want to achieve. All we've had is myopic expediency.
  10. We've now moved on to the absurd situation of the dead burglars family, trying to maintain a shrine at the site of his crime - you just couldn't make it up.
  11. Well, she's wrong on another level; the Country founded on Marxist principles no longer exists, indeed, if it ever did.
  12. Such is the state of our civil service.
  13. Well the evidence is there for all to see; Bliar's attempt to install "liberal democracies" in Countries with no experience or culture of liberal democracy, which saw a reversion to primitive religious factionalism and resultant civil strife, provides the evidence of outcome for Western military intervention. However, we or rather our politicians don't seem to have learned anything. Clearly, far from remorse, Bliar is advocating military intervention in Syria; suppose if you get away with one war crime, why stop the habit.
  14. What's disturbing Dave, is the way modern Leaders are prone to upping the ante, in these games of tit for tat; as they have had no experience of cold war politics or calculation, ultimately it can only lead to the obvious outcome. Recently watched a prog about the "Bay of Pigs" invasion of Cuba and the nearest we've been to nuclear Armageddon. Apparently, the US were contemplating sending in troops, if the Cuban mercenaries established a lodgement and declared an anti-Communist Gov. What they didn't know, was that there were already Russian tactical nuclear missiles on the Island, and if used on a US invasion force, would certainly have kicked off WW3. You'd think we'd learn - but alas no.
  15. Seems Donald is now threatening shock and awe on Assad, in retaliation for alleged use of chemical weapons, and wants to include us in the enterprise. The pretext however is quite ironic; yes, the use of chemical weapons (in an effort to sanitize war) is illegal in international law. But it's recent alleged use in Syria, killed around 40 civilians; any retaliation using "conventional" weapons will most likely kill a lot more than 40, and the consequences of escalation into a nuclear exchange (nuclear weapons being apparently "legal"), would mean counting civilian deaths in millions if not billions.
  16. Whilst the authorities appear reluctant nowadays to release details of ethnicity, I'm merely taking the information from TV news, which (up to now) shows parents, victims and alleged perpetrators as being black. As expected, the liberal media are now trying to blame this "epidemic" on policing cuts, rather than the life styles, upbringing and attitudes of gangs involved.
  17. The reason stop and search was curtailed, was due to protests from the same politicians who are now calling for it's return. They claimed it involved "racial profiling" by the Police, as the vast majority of cases were young black males. I suppose that it's mere coincidence, that the vast majority of perpetrators in these knifings are young black males. What seems apparent in these cases is the total lack of fear of judicial retribution by these perpetrators, and no doubt, we'll be fed the line in due course by the Abbot and Castello apologists, of the deprived lives of these feral youngsters and the need to smother them in resources.
  18. Seems we have an epidemic of stabbings in Londonistan, just wondering who's going to be blamed for it ? The Mayor is already blaming HMG, now waiting for Abbot and Lammy to start blaming the Police for stop and search on young blacks.
  19. But the cat was Persian, and is now suspected to have been spying for Iran ! Perhaps the guinea pigs were N/Korean ? The plot thickens !
  20. Well, if the stuff was there for 50,000 hours, you may have a point, but we'll also ID the perpetrators. But if this stuff has "weathered" why are they still committing decontamination units to the area a month after the non-lethal event ? As I keep saying, more holes than a colander.
  21. Just wondering why they didn't use a lesser holding charge like manslaughter ?
  22. Think that's the point, "could have been affected", by this "lethal nerve agent" - but weren't. If it was the Russian State, then they're going to have to update their stocks PDQ !
  23. This "stuff is so dangerous", it hasn't killed the three directly affected people and as yet, no other Salisbury resident, despite claims (after a month), that half of Salisbury needs to be cleaned up. Alas, it seems the household pets have died, probably due to starvation !
  24. Perhaps our indigenous youngsters are being trained in the high end technologies of the future or thanks to the benefits system, just can't get out of bed for menial employment ?
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