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  1. Not sure what your getting at Con, but I'd always been under the impression that we were all on some kind of data base, but evidently not; and the apparent inability of HMG to introduce viable IT systems hasn't helped. I recall a Labour Home Secretary, who described the Home Office as "not fit for purpose", floating the idea of ID cards for everyone; which on reflection, we should have introduced. I keep coming back to the simple notion, that if everyone was stored on a national computer system, with E-passports, they could be counted in and counted out. Basically the system used by Cruise Ships, which takes about 30mins to organise when you arrive at the ship. Alas, it seems to me, that those on the left of politics, prefer no system of ID, making the waters of the electoral system much more muddy and thus open to manipulation.
  2. That's the theory Asp; but your last sentence covers it. !
  3. One can see the liberal agenda at work here, really milk this windrush saga and put the Gov on the defensive, thus weakening their resolve to sort immigration out. Now the liberals are attacking Gov plans to require proof of identity in order to vote, saying it will deter immigrants from voting - well of course it will, if they are here illegally. Still, a good indication of where they expect to get their support from.
  4. Be interested in the size of the deficit at the end of his term, given his infrastructure commitments. As for the rest, I don't disagree Tex.
  5. If everyone who has worked in the UK is issued with an NI number, I fail to see how the mistake was made, as they must be on a data base. Meanwhile, we're getting daily deliveries of illegal migrants in the back of trucks, which don't seem to get deported.
  6. Which means there will be less high street stores and more ghost towns.
  7. A lot of the high street stores are suffering due to the on-line shopping, so it's down to people again - if you don't use it, you lose it. Seems also, that some are reluctant to leave the virtual world and explore the real world and enjoy the company of other Europeans over a cup of coffee !
  8. Well our PC media have hammered this one for all it's worth, the feigned indignation and hysteria, cloaks the real objective here, and that is to remove what they describe as a "hostile environment" by softening any pretence to an immigration policy. Yes, the Windrush migrants have been badly mistreated, and the situation will require correcting, but not at the expense of a policy. Clearly, the right thing was done, but to the wrong people, and we have to ask just what proof HO needed to establish citizenship. But don't let this detract from the fact that at least a million illegal migrants have disappeared into the population, and the efforts of HR lawyers, consuming legal aid, are retarding deportations of migrants that simply should not be here. Add to this, the panic being shown by the EU over the future of 3 million of their citizens; of course they're panicking, as 3 million people returning to the dole queues of Europe, will no doubt put a strain on their reduced budgets. The fact that the 3 million seem to wish to stay in the UK, despite Brexit, appears to be a vote of confidence in our future.
  9. Perhaps as a start Dave, efforts could be made to re-populate the TC. We've now got a generation that can't afford to buy or even rent a flat. If the Council bought up properties, and provided cheap rented flats above shops, it would kill two birds with one stone, and furnish demand for shopping and entertainment.
  10. Think we may be surprised at just how much influence is exercised by such unelected individuals within the London bubble.
  11. See the unelected House of Lords is challenging the Gov over Brexit, and by implication, challenging the people. Time to close it down ?
  12. Don't disagree with that Tex, my point was that he's now reneging on some of his promises - IE, to withdraw from foreign entanglements and relieve US tax-payers from propping everyone else up. He was going to pull out of Syria, but that slimy French weasel - Macron talked him into staying involved, obviously cos it suits the French. If I were to be critical, I'd suggest his performance is inconsistent and unpredictable; and I'm still wondering how slashing taxes to the wealthy will relieve the National deficit ? PS. How's the wall coming along ?
  13. Going to where exactly Dave ? M&S gone, TJs gone, unless you want to listen to a guy playing an accordion and gather some tumbleweed !
  14. Could it be the WRLFC flag ?
  15. Where to begin, there are multitude of factors that have played a part in the demise of the Town Centre, and it's not just a Warrington problem. If we start with the politicians, I would suggest that rather than an emotional attachment to and investment in a comprehensive vision (local plan), our politicians, either through laziness or ignorance, gave total cart blanche to the expediency of allowing a developer led strategy, which has resulted in piece meal and disjointed development. If we go back to the golden opportunity of Warrington New Town, we can discern that it was wrapped around the old Town without being integrated into it. The linear road system linked areas of NT development, rather than adopting a radial system that placed the TC at it's centre. It also gave rise to the "out of Town" retail phenomenon, which was car dependent, with the resultant sprawl of retail "sheds" we see today. All of which draw custom and activity away from the centre. Likewise, in the TC itself, we saw the development of Golden Square, which in effect was like moving the existing TC to the N/W of the TC, leaving other areas abandoned. Retail has a finite demand, and if you move it and concentrate it in one area, the rest dies. We've also got the issue of that demand, if residential dwellings, and thus population are moved outward, it's no wonder we witness reduced demand for shopping and entertainment. Finally, the advent of on-line shopping clearly doesn't help the high street's sustainability. Whether it's too late, I'm not sure, but any remedial strategy will take a generation to repair.
  16. Now you've reminded me, I have tried the bake in the bag fish, can't say I liked it though. But this article seemed to be trying to suggest that the millennials (snowflakes) are too squeamish to handle raw meat, maybe it was just a slow news day .
  17. Think your onto something there Asp; seems the West has interests in a pipeline too - so perhaps that's what the PM means when she uses the term "British interests" !
  18. ISIS will now resort to international terrorism, having lost their caliphate; and there will be no shortage of recruits within our diverse population. Think you'll find our friend and ally, Saudi provide them with kit.
  19. Just read a piece claiming S/Markets are packaging cook in the bag meat, because the millennials have an aversion to touching/preparing raw meat for cooking. What's going on ?
  20. Tex, Donald was elected on a ticket to avoid foreign wars, bring the boys home and save $trillions propping up s%%thole countries and NATO allies. He was prepared to pull out of the Syrian debacle, having helped sort out ISIS, but that slimey French weasel Macron has apparently convinced him to remain. America First - something I can sypathise with, sadly we don't have strong politicians who will put Britain First, and cease their surrender to the EU, and the nostalgic pretence to being a super-power. btw How's "the wall".coming along ? !
  21. Of course not, and I never even implied that. Saddam's Kuwait adventure gave the West the opportunity for retaliation, after which his cards were marked.
  22. Nope, Saddam had had his cards marked in any event. Bush senior had him kicked out of Kuwait, but to Bush junior it was unfinished business. And business is the appropriate word, with Bush family links to the Bin Laden family, and Dick Cheney's business interests; Saddam was simply in the way, so had to go. Bring in a naïve liberal idealist like Bliar as a poodle, and the stage was set for Gulf War 2. Disarm the existing security infrastructure, and letting the sectarian genie out of the bottle, and we got the chaos. All this was being viewed on TV by the rest of the Arab world, who no doubt thought, they'd have some of it. We shouldn't forget of course, that the West had used Saddam (Sunni) to neutralise Iran (Shia), in a war in which Saddam used chemical weapons, seems the West turned a blind eye to that ! Yes, it's a volatile region, made even more volatile by ending the stability provided by the secular Dictators and unleashing the sectarian genie. Think we can agree on your last sentence. What this latest episode demonstrates, is the fading influence of the West in the global power game, they have none in Syria, and new players have come to the fore, like Russia, Turkey and Iran. Trump was elected on a ticket of withdrawing from foreign wars, which he's said, has cost the US $trillions in the ME alone; so I guess our future depends on which side of the bed he gets out of in the morning !
  23. Not stretching anything Asp; this isn't ancient history, it all happened on global news, viewed throughout the M/East, from the fall of Saddam Hussein's statue, like a row of dominoes, that were termed "the Arab Spring". As for the carving up of the M/East by France and Britain after WW1 and the imposition of colonial rule on disperate tribal and sectarian groupings, that's a little more difficult to judge, without it, we can only speculate that, we may have finished up with a greater Saudi Caliphate, and possibly more instability, arising from sectarian conflict, between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran. Something that now defines the M/east . PS. Think we can also safely speculate, that Israel would never have been created.
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