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  1. ERRRM, this windrush saga arose out of civil service incompetence in implementing a clear immigration policy, and possibly due to the lack of a clear policy in the first place. It has since been used by the opposition as an attack on the very existence of an immigration policy designed to remove illegal entrants to the UK. Maybe a hobby horse, with good reason, as the majority of the public view it as a priority.
  2. Under the general heading of "immigration" policy, or is that too difficult ? Meanwhile, we're getting the drip. drip of attacks on Amber Rudd from the libtards, over such things as "targets". Of course there should have been, should be "targets"; the objective being to deport all "illegal" migrants from the UK asap. Now we've the added saga, of NHS recruitment; well aside from recruiting and training indigenous people; any shortfall, can be made up on the basis of temporary, time limited visas (thus legal) for required skills - but it appears that's too difficult for the HO.
  3. And right on Q, seems one of our local "illegal migrants" has just been sent down for terrorism !
  4. Amid all the hypocrisy from the Liebour Party over this affair: hypocrisy, because these mistakes were also being made under previous Liebour Govs: we're now getting the their motivation, which is basically an open door policy. They criticise "targets" and "a hostile environment", well with over an estimated million illegals not even on the HO radar, that's one "target" for a start; and if a low tolerance for "illegal entry" is considered "hostile", what's the problem, it should be. Now, amid all this hysteria, enter Boris, with the "A" word; well it had to come, but I thought an amnesty for illegal immigrants would have come from the left, just shows what a complete prat BoJo is. What we're not getting from HMG or indeed the media, is accurate figures on the number of "illegals" entering the UK, the number that appeal (with the support of HR lawyers funded by legal aid) who then wait years for their cases to be processed, giving them time to establish "a family life"; and finally, we're not being told the numbers who are successfully deported - thus giving us a clear idea of net status of illegal immigration, and thus the kind of "targets" required, and the policy requirements to rectify it.
  5. So do barracks in the UK count ?
  6. There was an interview with a W/Indian ex-serviceman on CH4 tonight, who complained he had to pay £90 to secure a nationality certificate. I thought every ex-serviceman received a discharge certificate which is proof of service and presumably proof of nationality ?
  7. Not sure she really understood the point Asp; the Roman numerals are irrelevant, providing the kid understands the positions of 1-12, you don't even need numbers after that.
  8. Thought the pigeons had flown the nest ? !
  9. Yes Sid, the ones with hands on them. Talking to a young Mum about it today, and she said her youngest cant understand the Roman numerals. But do you need to? As long as you understand the position of the hands.
  10. No such thing as "facts" in politics, at the end of the day, just perceptions, feeding opinions.
  11. Seems digital clocks are being installed in examination halls, as some teenagers are unable to tell the time from a normal clock !
  12. Well it didn't take long: two "black men" who were stopped and searched by the Police, are now complaining of "racial profiling" by the police.
  13. What I find amusing, is the way the "cut and post" generation provide links as if they were gospel; bit like countering a Daily Mail article with one from the Guardian. At the end of the day it's all "opinion", and everyone's differs, based on their own prejudices, experience or programming.
  14. Think about a million ex-pats do, but they still want to vote here and use the NHS !
  15. There are quite a few coffee shops in the TC, inline with the objective of introducing a continental style atmosphere, which is now enhanced by overhearing multiple continental languages of other customers.
  16. At the last election the electoral commission says it only found two cases of students voting both at home and at their universities, now if you want to believe that fine. But in the case of PV, no one actually knows who actually places the X on the ballot paper, could be a dominant partner, patriarch or relative of a senile voter; as for the ballot box, if proof of ID is not required, anyone knowing the intended voter's address and better still, having their registration card, can vote for them. So, whether it is actually happening or not, it would seem to be common sense to implement measures to ensure that it can't happen.
  17. Listening to a CH4 discussion with W/Indians tonight, it seems clear that this problem has been going on since 1948 under ALL parties of Gov; but as if to fly in the face of "lessons learned", the NHS are currently recruiting trained nurses in the W/Indies and elsewhere, thus poaching vital skills from those communities, rather than training indigenous youngsters. Those that do not learn from history, are destined to repeat it.
  18. It's sounding like this CH4 led hysteria, is looking like just that - hysteria.
  19. Sounds like they are using this system to fill slots at various hospitals, rather than just your nearest one. They now sending NHS patients to Spire, which is private.
  20. Most of this is an historic situation, exacerbated by a lack of holistic data base. HMG supposed to have updated immigration policy to deal with the current influx. Whether that "new" policy requires visa applications in the country of origin, in order to get a time limited stay in the UK, I don't know, but imo it should. That would provide a legal method of entry, so no visa or an outdated visa = illegal = deportation. Not exactly rocket science.
  21. Listening to some of those affected, it appears some cases go back beyond the tenure of this Tory Gov. Any PV system is open to abuse.
  22. I "got it" a long time ago Con, in fact, I've posted on here about it when discussing postal voting, and how the ethnic vote is delivered; which is why I'm suggesting things need to be tightened up. As for the civil service, like many other organisations, they too appear to operate in silos.
  23. Don't think it was a Gov "initiative" to deliberately target W/Indian immigrants, but rather a sound policy that was mis-applied by jobs worths, and compounded by a lack of data; hence the need for a system that accounts for every bona-fide citizen. There are still an estimated million illegal migrants unaccounted for, with more arriving every day. When caught, the usual routine is to apply for asylum, then the HR lawyers take over at tax-payer's expense in legal aid, and cases drag on for years. There is clearly a case for a system that provides speedy deportation of "illegal" entrants and proper records of ID for legal citizens.
  24. With both Houses of Parliament being dominated by Remoaners, we have the prospect of them trying to keep us in the Customs Union; which, in effect, would mean we won't actually leave the EU, and won't be able to sign unilateral trade deals elsewhere. Hopefully, the PM will persist in efforts to leave the CU, and if the Remoaners wish to sabotage negotiations on "a deal"; then let's quit with no deal; pay them nothing and leave them with a 20% hole in their budget.
  25. Having just passed through Stockton Heath village, I have to say, in contrast to the TC, it's looking quite vibrant, despite having a major crossroad at it's centre.
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