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  1. Education and training is a lifetime endeavour Sid, employers and employees are going to have to stay ahead of the curve in technical innovation in a competitive world. Much is being made of the threat of robotics, and how they will put our youngsters out of work; so perhaps we should be the ones making the robots, ahead of the rest ?
  2. Maybe, but they won't pay for indigenous education and training. imo, employers should be at the forefront of our education system, setting curriculum priorities for our national economic requirements.
  3. There was a guy on Q/Time (think his name was Martin ? Lewis?) a financial expert, who completely rubbished the actual debt effect of student loans; plus, it doesn't affect every snowflake either.
  4. A "think tank", situated in an Ivory Tower somewhere, has come up with redressing the wealth balance between the generations by giving £10k in cash to all 25 year olds. What happens when the majority have blown it and return to square one ? Much better imo to provide "in kind", with more and cheaper (subsidised) housing and a living wage for all jobs.
  5. Perhaps we can put it all down to the joys of diversity !
  6. Nothing wrong with "height", high density dwellings are the way to go, if you don't want urban sprawl into the green belt. The TC needs re-population asap. However, the PC are right to be concerned about "affordability", time the Council started to subsidise rents.
  7. 1. They were small computer development firms in the UK. 2. Because the assumption is that there are no qualified indigenous Brits. 3. In order to get a work visa. they have to exceed potential earnings targets, which vary according to demand, which local firms say they can't afford. The bottom line is, that such employers (incl the NHS), are too tight and too lazy to recruit and train indigenous staff, and prefer to denude other countries of these skills by buying off the shelf. Add to this, your last paragraph, and we have the source of the problem.
  8. Seems small tech firms are struggling to get skilled EU migrants to fill job vacancies, so are trying to get recruits from the rest of the world. Alas, a shortage of visas is causing problems. According to CH4 news tonight, an Asian, who had studied in the UK to qualify, couldn't reach the income target to qualify for employment. So we have to ask, if he studied for his skills set in the UK, why weren't there a classfull of indigenous British students in the same class getting qualified for the same job ?
  9. Seems Khan can't. With a new spate of shootings, the Mayor of Londonistan is blaming HMG and the PM for the lack of a safe environment in HIS City. Thought it was the Mayor's job to safeguard the City ?
  10. Seems the EU has offered a free rail pass to the under 18s, must be preparing for another UK referendum ? !
  11. Given the Remoaner gloom and doom predictions for the UK economy, post Brexit; why is it that the 3 million EU migrants haven't returned home ?
  12. It would appear that, that a crystal ball is required to spot that ubiquitous computer glitch !
  13. It all boils down to "privacy"; in the old days there was a saying " don't air your dirty washing in public", which sounds sensible. However, we live in an age where sense has been lost, leaving air heads to put everything out there on facebook. In the supposed environment of data protection, any retailer can ask for your postcode, and immediately get your name and address on screen, so how did they get it ? What surprises me is, if the world of commerce is so efficient at obtaining your data, and possibly sharing it; why does HMG seem to have a problem with data storage ?
  14. ... and they're now considering upping the subs for membership of the EU, due to Brexit taking 20% of their budgets. So those members that have grown used to being in net receipt of EU funding (paid by us), will now have to cough up some cash - which I'm sure they won't like; indeed, to the point where some will decide they'll be better off out of it.
  15. It's quite sad to witness the moans of the Remoaners; the referendum decision has been done and dusted; and raising the spectre of "undue influence" on the electorate from political propaganda from either side, is to overate the value of political propaganda. Most folk have had up to 40 years of experience to form an opinion. without any prompting from politicians, in fact, is was most politicians who were behind the curve throughout, and still are. As for "windrush", a sad tale of injustice and incompetence, which requires specific rectification. Alas, that's not the Liebour agenda, their agenda is to bring the whole concept of immigration control into disrepute, and thus leave a complete open door to unmanaged immigration, so they are using windrush as a stick to beat the policy. Boiling it all down into simple terms, anyone who is here illegally should be deported asap, whether they entered illegally in the back of a lorry or overstayed a legal visa. Not rocket science. PS. and it now seems over 70% of the public, according to yougov polls, want a "hostile environment", so Lammy and Co can stick that in their pipe and smoke it !
  16. True, but the main players could be trusted to apply unwritten rules of restraint during the last cold war; proliferation brings with it an increase in political miscalculation.
  17. Nope, I'd prefer no one had them, but I'm afraid the genie is out of the bottle. So based on Donald's gun theory, the only way left is to have nukes, in order to deter aggression from nuclear powers, such proliferation of course will undoubtedly see the end of humanity.
  18. Not just Israel. but India and Pakistan; haven't noticed any sanctions on them either.
  19. Seems Israel has bubbled Iran for developing nukes; but hasn't Israel got nukes - another example of Western hypocrisy ?
  20. Looks like the EU Mandarins are looking to cut handouts to those members who don't conform to their "liberal values"; which should speed up the collapse of the EU, as most are only in it for the handouts.
  21. The Russian who invented this cocktail, lives in the USA, where I'm sure the CIA would have put him to work. I think the standard of proof needs to be high, especially when a war could depend on it. We've had an example of the black arts of the intelligence community, with the lie over Saddam's WMDs, so any scepticism is well founded.
  22. In a word - "NO" ! All Western labs will carry samples, if only to produce antidotes.
  23. Generally accepted based on elections in Hungary, Czech, Poland, Austria and US, plus our referendum result ! And everything to do with the "windrush thing", as this was the cock up seized on by Liebour to conflate and criticise Gov immigration policies in general. under the heading of "hostile enviroment", turning the debate into one of immigration policy in general - so blame Abbot and Lammy. btw: the Windrush injustice has been going on under successive Govs , INCLUDING Labour. As for your last sentence - think we covered Cambridge Analytica elsewhere, as being a complete red herring.
  24. Generally accepted opinion, in the light of the referendum result and elections in E/Europe and USA.
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