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  1. Rumour mongering? I don't believe you. Is this yet another case of sour grapes? I doubt whether there is any player at this level on that sort of money. Sounds like stupid talk to me.
  2. I think that is where Stuart comes in. He has won three championships at this level. Nothing wrong with the hairdryer treatment. Works at Man.U with the Primary Donnas.
  3. First reaction was that they were rubbish. Yet again three stupid goals. No attempt to attack the ball. The passing was sloppy and I do wonder if the team Is colour blind with all the stray passes. There was a lack of cohesion and teamwork. Even though town had a lot of possession, they were always second best. Yet another new striker this week. PLUS a new goalie. As he hasn't been mentioned I wonder if anyone noticed. He had a reasonable debut.The playoffs are still achievable.Just need the players to want to get there. Sacking the manager won't achieve anything other than starting all over again and being in the same position or worse in 12months time.Fergie had the same problems at Man United. Good job they didn't sack him. However Curzon were the better team on the day. Accept it and move on. And yes, they were crap today. On paper, it is a strong squad.And to talk about Joey D / Paul M is pointless. The club has moved on Imo.
  4. On a serious note, there are a couple of supporters who live in the past always telling people what they did for the club when Adam was a lad, but never a squeak about what they are going to do for the club in the future. It's sad to see this because they do seem to be genuine supporters.
  5. Nothing to worry about if they stop giving stupid goals away.
  6. Ridiculous idea. Get them working and earning whilst they make their minds up.
  7. Same old faces, plus a few new ones. What happened to Steve the Original? and who or what is dissy?
  8. Nice to see someone can keep the rest informed. Not a good way of communicating and encouraging fans to support the team.
  9. Putting pressure on the young minds of the players again? The target should be doing the best that they can with the money and players available. Telling them that they have to get promoted will put more pressure on them. The management team know how well they are playing.
  10. She's NOT very popular around Padgate and Fearnhead. Before the attack on her husband, she wanted nothing to do with the local activities in the area. This negativity is one of the reasons why the yobs get away with things. Collectively, a community can change the problems and behaviour of an area.
  11. Roll on the Revolution. Bring back the Bastille.
  12. I really must spend more time on here posting. Fascinating drivel from supporters wearing rose-tinted specs. The team have lost their way since people started talking about the play-offs and the centres got injured. They no longer gel together. How any supporter can condone the teams lack of recent success, is crazy. If it wasn't for the banter, I doubt that I would go. Heard a rumour that the supporters don't support the club like they used to. It was said that they have stopped cleaning the changing rooms and clearing the litter after mathches, so they shouldn't really be saying anything. Club in crisis? could be if the supporters don't support any more. Let someone else take the next penalty please. AND TEACH THEM ABOUT THE OFFSIDE RULE.
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