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  1. The good news is that you can claim a tax rebate for the upkeep/cleaning of the uniform http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/uniform-tax-rebate
  2. The drugs gang who flooded Warrington with cocaine have been made to pay back their gains. A made £655,894 and paid back £1,407 B made £755,410 & paid back £910 C made £2,601 & paid back £500 D made £29,823 & paid back £6,319 E made £1,600 & paid back £223 and wait for it............. F made £10,755 & paid back a whole £35 The police said that this should serve as a warning to other drug traffickers that crime doesn't pay. To be fair they also said that these men will owe the remaining money for the rest of their lives until they repay it. So we can presume that when they are released they will all get jobs so that they can repay this money
  3. For anyone that hasn't seen it.... Warrington Market car parking will be free up to 21:30 every Thursday and all day Sundays up to Xmas
  4. What have the last 3 pages got to do with the subject? There is a 'General Chat' room for non-consequential whittering which doesn't impinge on everyone else's time and space.
  5. Going back to the DLT issue.. Has anyone mentioned child abuse or is it to do with groping female colleagues which is completely different
  6. Re Dr appointments Penketh have a brilliant system where you can't make an appointment further than 24 hours i.e. at 08:30 you ring up (or log in on their internet appointment site) for today's appointments only, so all urgent calls are catered for. On the internet, you can choose your doctor and whichever available time slot you want. There are a few slots open for further than 24 hours in case you can't make today but not many as they are mostly reserved for today. This system has greatly reduced the missed appts which are common in surgeries from patients who have either forgotten the appt or have got better because of the long wait and not cancelled. Other surgeries should be looking at this system as it is working.
  7. WOMAN THROWN OFF RYANAIR PLANE FOR CARRYING A BOOK AND SCROLL ON BOARD!! How many times do we read these stories and become angry about the injustice of it all? But there's usually 2 sides to every story and this one is added in virtually the last paragraph of the report - she had become disruptive and pushed past the gate agents without showing any ID or her boarding card If she had queued up in an orderly manner and walked on board, nothing would have probably been said or done but because she was all high and mighty and annoying, the staff found a reason to bring her down a peg or two - good for them! These 'injustices' that we read about in the papers are usually kicked off by the victim who gets up the nose of the official and then they bleat about how unfair they've been treated. I know I know, there are genuine injustices occurring all the time but we should always try and find out why the arsy official was so obnoxious and there's usually a reason behind the altercation.
  8. The left turn from Cromwell Ave into Sankey Way is too sharp for the buses to get round, so they have to use the 2nd lane; maybe the only improvement would be to make the corner less angular then the buses can stay in their own lane.
  9. I live near Lanes End lights and never received any notification - perhaps they'd run out of leaflets....?
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, Dizzy, I promise to start reading this website news from now on as it's obviously more up to date than the one that's delivered weekly. Concerning the road alterations, I think everyone is of the same opinion that if it's not broke then don't fix it but when you've got £4.5m burning a hole in your pocket......
  11. I've just read today that there was a drop-in session held at the Peace Centre on Tuesday to discuss improvements to the Sankey Way junctions at Cromwell Ave and the Pink Eye roundabout. 1. Was this advertised anywhere? 2. Why was The Midweek Guardian reporting it today (Wed)quoting Cllr Dirir asking for people to attend when the Midweek is never delivered before Wednesday? 3. What's the point of me listing the above two questions when we know that, going by previous c**k-ups: the traffic lights at Cromwell Ave will be changed to a roundabout the roundabout at Sankey Green will be changed to traffic lights
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