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  1. I think we should have a days holiday for St Georges day, we deserve it.
  2. Love the pics of Stockton Heath well done.
  3. Suarez is a fantastic player but biting is so out of order and he will pay the price for this.
  4. cheers guy's thanks for your comments.
  5. My heart goes out to all the injured people of Boston, also there familys. Is the world going mad?
  6. My thoughts are with the family's of the Liverpool 96 today RIP.
  7. Love the photo's of Warrington we have some great history here.
  8. We could do with a few cars here. Make the robbers think twice.
  9. RIP Margaret Thatcher although I don't think you should get a 2 min silence at the football matches.
  10. francine

    3 or 3 pence ?

    Reply to davy51 it was'nt a sixpence to hold up your stockings but your fellers shirt button. ha ha
  11. I agree with you saving these buildings is a must for the future generations. cheers Francine.
  12. I was in Warrington shopping with my daughter when the bombs went off, it was so unreal. people were running passed us with blood on their clothes, we were lucky we did not get hurt. people of warrington are made of strong stuff.
  13. Not a wild things but a sixties chick. ha!
  14. Rip Reg Presley you will rock in heaven, thanks for making the sixties great.
  15. Justice at last for Shafilea RIP.
  16. UFO has to be a friend of mine seen the same aircraft a couple of years ago in the same area.
  17. What's on your mind?

  18. did u find billy brown? I know him ,have you got his e-mail address? i would like to get in touch.

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