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    Steven Gerrard is to sign 2 year contract at Anfield.
  2. Thanks Algy I always say The Wire's.
  3. Watching the live match of the Wolves v Huddersfield. We look good and should win. Come on the Wire.
  4. My thoughts are with Lee Rigby's family on this very sad day. Lee you were a brave lad who served his country RIP Lee.
  5. Ha Ha nice one Wolfie.
  6. Congratulations to Zara Phillips and Mike Tintall on their news of their expected baby. Our queen is pleased for the couple and her forthcoming Grandson, who will be 16th in line for the throne.
  7. Pickmere lake wow! Fond memories, picnics lots of fun,good times.
  8. It's as hot here as it is in Spain, good old England.
  9. Well done to andy Murray congratulations. Also what a star for donating your prize money to cancer research.
  10. Just heard of the horrific dog attack. The owner's are to blame, no dog training. You need to take your puppy to lessons, there is no excuse for this to happen.
  11. This final is soooo exciting. I really hope Andy Murray wins it would be the icing on the cake.
  12. Tell that to James Bulger's Mum.........Adrian.
  13. Just heard Jon Venables is to be released from prison is there no justice?
  14. RIP Bernie Nolan you were very brave lady. xxx
  15. francine


    Thanks for all your comments on Luther its a good programme, worth a watch,even though its a bit scary.
  16. francine


    Watched Luther on BBC last night how scary was that, had to make sure all the doors were locked ekk.
  17. Look forward to seeing your pictures Gary.
  18. francine

    The Walk

    Hope the rain stops for Warrington Walking Day. I have happy memories of the walk as I use to walk with St Andrews church.
  19. francine


    Well done the Wires for a good win over Wigan last night.
  20. Just heard Sir Winston Churchill is to appear on a new five pound note. Its about time too!
  21. Roger Federer v Victor hanescu. Federer takes first two sets. Its getting exciting.
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