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  1. So Gerry Adams has been arrested, will justice be done? They need to keep him locked up for life but some how I can not see it. Grrrr.
  2. Nice one Sid...................
  3. Just cannot believe Martin Mcguiness has been invited to have a meal with the Queen. He should never been invited. Surely there are other people she can invite that are more worthy of this event. Grrrr...
  4. RIP Peaches Geldof, too young to die....
  5. Glad they have got the funding. They had a service in the town centre to mark the 21st year of the IRA bombing.
  6. Seems to me all of Warrington need to get behind the peace centre. Maybe some of our local firms could donate some cash, after all its for a good cause.
  7. Just like you Dizzy I'm a bobbing bob cat ha.........
  8. Hope we don't get snow, it amaze me how everything comes to a grinding halt when snow is about. So you can keep it.
  9. RIP Shirley Temple you were a child star with a big heart.
  10. Oh dear it can only get better now Dizzy.
  11. Don't worry Dizzy banks are open Saturday, get your savings checked. It happened to me 3 years ago and its not a nice feeling when all yours savings start disappearing.
  12. I agree with everyone these tyres are a disgrace, it make that part of Warrington scruffy. yuk.....
  13. Pure genius. RIP Trigg. xx
  14. RIP (Trigger) roger loyd-pack.
  15. He was a legend Rip......
  16. RIP Phil Everly yours somgs were ace, you will be missed.
  17. Yes Happy New Year to everyone xx
  18. Wow ! yes thats me, how are you? Are you still in the house? Did you not have it up for sale at one time? Hope your well its nice to hear from you.
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