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  1. Paul Helen Jones is spot on to make an issue of this. There are numerous examples from 1st May of poor electoral administration, primarily but not exclusively due to the cuts which the Democratic Services at the the Town Hall have had to endure. Similar issues arose last year and lessons clearly have not been learned. Non delivery of postal votes, polling cards and the moving of polling stations in areas where no polling cards were delivered contributed to the fiasco. I am aware of two polling districts in my ward where polling cards were not delivered and postal votes not arriving. This was mirrored in a number of wards across the borough. As political activists we know you do not need a polling card to vote but for many people, they believe that you must have this piece of paper to vote. We then have the count when I understand some parish council ward results were announced without candidates and agents being informed of the initial result so that any challenge could be submitted and recounts undertaken. You are right we need a 'thorough and professional investigation' that's why I support Helen's call for an independant investigation - we were told lessons had been learned last year but they clearly have not been!
  2. The Lib Dem bubble is indeed about to burst. As I mentioned on my blog following the local elections. "In an earlier post I argued election night belonged to the Tories (despite Lib Dem tub thumping) and the figures do indeed show this to be the case. Already Cllr Kennedy (Con Hatton, Stretton & Walton) and Warrington South Tories are buoyed by their success on 1st May and have begun the phoney war of predicting local election success will bring victory in Warrington South at the next general election. As we on the Labour side know all too well (pre 1997) council elections are not always a good indicator of how voters will cast their general election vote. The Tories still face an electoral mountain. The fact remains that in just over 11 years of a Labour Government the Tories can only 'boast' 7, yes 7 seats out of 57 on Warrington BC. In what should be a stronghold for them - south of the Manchester Ship Canal, they can only muster 2 seats. That does not mean that the next few years will remain barren for them. May 1st 2008, if nothing else, confirmed that 'real politics' has returned and I predict the Lib Dems will now be squeezed over the next few years as the local Tory association begins to flex its muscles at a local level south of the canal. Cllr Walker may not be the last Lib Dem to lose to the Tories over the next few years." The traditional two party divide has now returned - Clegg will be powerless to stop this as voters turn their minds to the general election. Lib Dem MP's in the South will fall to a resurgent Conservative vote. Further evidence of this is the current by-election in Crewe & Nantwich. If this by-election was being held pre-2005 the Lib Dems would be the main challenger to Labour - but the by-election is a straight fight between the two main parties.
  3. Just to clarify, no elections for the borough council in Latchford West, Latchford East and Great Sankey North wards but there will be Parish Council elections in Sankey so voters in Great Sankey North will be able to elect 5 parish councillors to Great Sankey Parish Council.
  4. Cllr Bruce has raised this issue on a number of occasions - yet does not appear to have persuaded her coalition partner to cut borrowing. At the end of the day, it is a matter for the Conservative Party - What do they actually get out of this arrangement? If last years local election results are anything to go by - not much! [ 04.04.2008, 08:41: Message edited by: Cllr Paul Kenny ]
  5. Paul, Is this the same Cllr Walker with whom you will contest the Hatton, Stretton & Walton seat? [ 01.04.2008, 08:11: Message edited by: Cllr Paul Kenny ]
  6. web page WAHL - The attached link provides you with the official government press release. Local Authorities (inc the Cheshire Police Service) were notified that the government expected council tax levels to be under 5% (This has been the case for the last few years). Where an authority breaches this figure (or the budget requirement) the Secretary of State can use powers to cap the 'offending' authority. The vast majority of local authorities heed the advice and set budgets within the guidelines. Cheshire Police now have a period of 21 days to make their case to HMG. If they are unsuccessful the government will cap their budget leading to a revised budget and each council tax payer in Cheshire will be issued with a new bill by their respective council. This is costly and calls in to question the Police Authorities judgement given they know exactly what course of action lay ahead if they breached the 'capping' guidelines.
  7. In fairness to the council, the police precept is set by the Police Authority. The council is a collecting agent, on behalf of the PA. Off course, the council will now have to rebill everybody in the Town at a cost, which I believe should be recoverable from the PA. The government were right to cap the PA!
  8. A number of councillors past and present are keen cyclists - Cllr Colin Froggatt springs to mind and former councillor Peter Black.
  9. Thanks for the comments - clearly a technical glich exists which prevents some from opening the file which I will look into. Paul, you correctly assumed that Kevin is our candidate in F&H. The latest Warr South Cons leaflet is well put together and is just one of several I have received over the last few months. Is Lord Ashcroft bankrolling your campaign? BazJ The LA Bowl lights - I did receive a response from officers which I posted but you really need to contact your ward councillors for an update. They should have the reasons at hand as to why the lights are not operational.
  10. The 08/09 budget was agreed at full council on a motion put forward by the ruling Lib Dem/Tory Axis. Labour voted against the motion. Perhaps the Lib Dem or Tory councillors who read this board could seek to justify their budget for 08/09. LA Bowl lights - contact the Westbrook Ward councillors ( I think Cllr Earl and Cllr Long). Peter, I can't understand why it won't open for you. Try visiting my blog and downlaod it there!
  11. Asp, you need to have adobe acrobat on your PC to view this newsletter.
  12. http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/3/18/1821554/Fairfield%20and%20Howley%20Spring%20A3%202008.pdf [ 20.03.2008, 08:18: Message edited by: Cllr Paul Kenny ]
  13. Agree with the majority of Obs comments. However, Right to Buy will not go - it has been very popular with tenants who aspire to home ownership (at a healthy reduced market rate). Council's should be given the legal power to build new council homes. The 'so called 4th option'. It is clear that the options pursued to date have simply not worked. With thousands on the housing waiting list with little or no chance of securing a tenancy government must act now.
  14. BazJ - I now understand (from council officers)that the Cromwell Ave/Calder Rd junction is provisionally timetabled for switch-on on 7th February. The delay has been caused by Christmas traffic flows (officers thought it unwise to commission during this period), and arranging the go-live date with external engineers & suppliers.
  15. BazJ - The lights, I think, fall within Westbrook Ward (Cllr Bernard Long Tel. 650186 and Cllr David Earl Tel. 495085). The responsible portfolio holder is Cllr Brian Axcell (Environment Services) Tel.267540.
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