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  1. Surely this must be a different eagle from a thread about the Qur'an - actually I think it is the same one (Cleo objected to his spelling of her sacred text) This is how he responded; "Posted 22 February 2013 - 05:25 PM I am quite happy to carry on using the word Koran at every opportunity, it tends too be only about twice per annum but I will make sure you and other humourless bar stewards know when it happens. It occasionally becomes more frequent when some nutter has committed violence and cited the Koran as his inspiration."
  2. No - the one at the Conservative club in Padgate wasn't either
  3. Seems odd that no group has claimed responsibility - or have I missed something?
  4. " Are you sure that people weren't confused and thought that "Wyndham Park Steamroller" was her nickname?
  5. Was the use of the word crusade meant to be ironic - considering that word's etymology? I am not mounting a campaign against religion - I have my own beliefs - one god, Jesus the son of god etc. but do not look to impose my religious views on others. I have no wish to marry a bloke - random or otherwise a) I am heterosexual My wife would (probably) object However if I wanted to I do not feel that I should be prevented from doing so by someone else's selective interpretation of their sacred texts.
  6. From the Liverpool Echo "HILLSBOROUGH campaigner Anne Williams has lost her battle with cancer. Anne, who lost her son Kevin, 15, in the disaster was a tireless campaigner for justice and had fought unsuccessfully three times to have the discredited inquests quashed. She had always maintained that Kevin had been alive beyond the 3.15pm cut-off point for evidence. And was thoroughly vindicated by last year’s independent panel report, and subsequent quashing of the “accidental death” verdicts. She made her last public appearance at the 24th anniversary service at Anfield on Monday, defying doctors advice..."
  7. Religious organisations - Roman Catholic, Anglican and others attempt to influence how our society is run (same-sex marriage being only one example) based on a highly selective interpretation of their religions' texts. Therefore as a "random bloke" in that society I feel that is fair enough for me to comment on the selective nature of that interpretation.
  8. Do yoofs wear benefit caps backwards?
  9. When flower arranging where do you buy doilies to go under the vase? I hop that's not too controversial a subject.
  10. Not so Eagle - it just struck me that a religion that is based on the bible - and uses that book to condemn , for example , gay relationships and to exclude married and female priests appears to .ignore the ten commandments. If certain people on here are unable to deal with such things without getting hysterical then perhaps we should all stick to threads about flower arranging and where to buy the nicest doilies.
  11. They've repackaged it as a scripted reality show called "Made In Grantham"
  12. Judging by the way their flag has been at full mast on the day of her funeral, nobody told the Conservative club in Padgate either
  13. I wouldn't worry - it's easily done
  14. I didn't name any particular examples but if I could be bothered I could find examples where the very fact that Muhammad was portrayed caused uproar , not the nature of the portrayal. Here is a quote from the website of the Muslim Council of Britain -taken from a letter sent by their Secretary General to the Daily Mail "....The picture of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of God be upon him) and the associated headline of John Casey's article (Daily Mail, November 17, 2001 p.12-13) has caused widespread distress to British Muslims. In Islam it is absolutely prohibited to attempt to sketch or reconstruct a likeness of any Prophet of God......... " Clearly there are some, I accept not all, who regard such portrayal as going against Islamic teachings, even if not the Qur'an itself . So , as I said I fail to understand your confusion - unless you are again determined to carry on with your petty little vendetta.
  15. No - just his father dying - hence hereditary.
  16. No, Denis was made an hereditary baronet - hence Sir Mark Thatcher.
  17. As i said - it's the attempt Muslims object to - not the accuracy
  18. Ah yes the second baronet Thatcher Coat of arms -- two hands , a map, an arse and a question mark.
  19. Have you never been in a church - it's full of such images
  20. It's the influence of them Scientologists and all that auditing
  21. Must upset Baz listening to the readings at Maggie's funeral - Maggie's grand-daughter's a yank.
  22. None around in the first century AD but plenty of representations of Jesus - i was referring to the forbidden nature of portraying him , not the accuracy of such portrayals
  23. They're squandering millions of pounds of public money on today , opening a library in her name and renaming Parliament Square Plaza De Las Malvinas - are they determine to p*** her ghost off - okay , one of those isn't true
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