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  1. The first photo certainly shows how formula one has progressed over the years.
  2. Has the topic been banned in case someone has a nut allergy - it's health and safety gone mad! What has a hazelnut in every bite................................................................................................................squirrel sh**
  3. No one was then p Turkey didn't exist - his place of birth and his nationality (possibly his parents were from somewhere in Greece) are unclear - one thing is pretty well certain is that he never set foot in England.
  4. There re certainly more logical candidates - St Cuthbert perhaps or how about pinching St Piran off the Cornish. He is supposed to have lived to a ripe old age (200!) despite being a committed imbiber - fin.ally he got so drunk that he died from falling down a well - a binge drinker with a demise that is right out of Last of the Summer Wine - what could be more English
  5. It always amuses me to hear the ladies of the WI singing a song calling for armed rebellion.
  6. Do I hear the sound of thin ice cracking - or is it Cleo's teeth gnashing?
  7. I don't believe that sex education per se leads to earlier sexual experiences. A bigger problem is the exposure to sexual imagery - outside the classroom - particularly violent sexual imagery (and song lyrics), where women are there to be used - with little thought to their consent. Article by Lucy Mangnam in last week's (real) Guardian. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/20/sex-education-lucy-mangan
  8. In the good old days before t'war when football were a proper working class game played by proper working class blokes this wouldn't have happened. Most wore false teeth and couldn't have got a good bite in (and those that had their own teeth couldn't have been bothered to take their pipe out of their mouth). I blame t' welfare state and fluoride toothpaste.
  9. according to the government website, up to 100 g of CO2 emitted per km the vehicle tax rate is zero - so unless you take into account the after effects of last nights curry - the cost of a tax disc for a push bike would be £0
  10. Fortunately Law enforcement, the administration of Justice and legislation tends to be in the hands of adults - not adolescents living out a Judge Dredd type fansasy
  11. I know that Baz is going to threaten to tear me a new ****hole for saying this but I can't help seeing the comments of Obama and the Boston Police about the suspects in the bombing and the shooting and thinking - what about the concept of innocent until proved guilty?
  12. .....78% of ALL people asked, who were on the train from Warrington to Liverpool or Manchester, said their SOLE purpose of travel was to go to Primark. (News report - New Store may keep shoppers in town ) I'd like to see the brief for those carrying out the survey.
  13. it looks as if you've put yourself in the firing lone as well Lt -
  14. PCC just says sorry for wasting public money but those who dare let the public know are arrested From the beeb "Cumbria's police crime commissioner has apologised unreservedly for using a chauffeur-driven car paid for by the taxpayer. Richard Rhodes said he failed to check the cost of the car and driver before using it for the first time. It is claimed two trips cost £700. Cumbria Police has so far arrested three people in connection with leaking the information to the public....." He's a tory - the one's who are supposedly against public spending.
  15. The two suspects are of Chechen origin - or in the case of the dead one was of Chechen origin
  16. Depressed apple product -still grieving over Steve Jobs?
  17. How different things could have been if Dastardly and Muttley had caught that pigeon
  18. Rome- civilized? - there's a potential thread there for the History section Mary
  19. One was a bad egg - the other warned us about bad eggs.
  20. Sorry - meant to press edit - but pressed quote instead, only realised after I had posted - not able to delete, only edit this.
  21. Impossible to please all their own MPs - never mind all the interest groups and all of the electorate. Who was it who said that the people opposite were not the enemy, the enemy were the ones sat on one's own benches. At the end of the day it is a not just question of who succeeded most but also who caused least damage.
  22. medical procedures should be carried out with informed consent - it's a pity that so many people were "informed" by discredited science that was irresponsibly reported by some parts of the media - first and foremost that bastion of hysteria and lies the Daily Mail
  23. I think you're failing to recognise the importance of this small but significant circle of cloth or paper Who can fail to be stirred by the RAF motto Per Doily Ad Astra or by Neil Armstrong's immortal words "This is one small doily for a man but a giant tablecloth for mankind" No lover of the music of Gilbert and Sullivan's collection is complete without the recordings of the Doily Carte Opera Company I am sure that Observer could go on , at length, about the court battles to enable the proud doily manufacturers and merchants to sell dollies in imperial not metric measurements as demanded by the Paper and Cloth Circular Mats (European Standardisation ) Regulations.
  24. "It occasionally becomes more frequent when some nutter has committed violence and cited the Koran as his inspiration......." You clearly blame some people's selective interpretation and violence certainly influences (a part of) society - often permanently
  25. It looks as if John Shouty-man Sweeney has scared them on his trip with the LSE From the BBC today "North Korea has said it is ready to talk if UN sanctions against it are withdrawn and the US and South Korea put an end to joint military drills. The conditions for dialogue were outlined in a statement from the North's National Defence Commission and carried on official news agency KCNA. But South Korea's Foreign Ministry brushed off the North's demands, calling them "incomprehensible........"
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