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  1. A truly competitive market is a myth.
  2. Quite right. I was assuming that a significant percentage of those who were actually party members would now be voting UKIP - and not just those who would previously have voted for the BNP. * On reflection that there is probably no evidence for that, or to disprove it. My apologies. Still it is still interesting that Fartrage admits UKIP is seen as a viable alternative for racist and xenophobic voters who recognise that the BNP has imploded. * Or have said they would vote BNP - most of those who say they are going to vote for the BNP can't be bothered voting - never mind actually actively supporting or joining a party.
  3. The device as used seems sensible in a fairly narrow set of circumstances - what you're proposing is, in my opinion, over the top. Indeed such device could lead to parents seeing the tracker as being a virtual nanny and neglecting basic parental vigilance. Not much comfort if they do so and the chip just makes it easier for the Police to find a corpse.
  4. Perhaps she did come forward at the time - but wasn't taken seriously, blamed for what happened or labelled a slag, ah the good old non-pc days * . some people get nostalgic over. * I am being ironic
  5. Sometimes it is necessary to consider the works of the great thinkers - Aristotle, Sartre and , of course, Eric of Python Some things in life are bad They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best...
  6. According to Nigel Fartrage, a third of BNP voters will switch their allegiance from the BNP to his own weird ensemble (not sure if I would so ready to boast about that if I was him). I wonder if that is any more accurate than previous claims that they have stopped members of the BNP and similar organisations from infiltrating UKIP.
  7. From the beeb "Coronation Street star William Roache has been arrested on suspicion of the rape of an under-age girl in the 1960s, the Press Association is reporting."
  8. it gives reassurance to the relatives and , in moments of clarity, to the individuals concerned - as well as having financial advantages - sounds like a winner all round. Crafty german solution to one particular problem www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2071319/Fake-bus-stop-keeps-Alzheimers-patients-from-wandering-off.html
  9. Will Sean Connery be offered shingle vaccinations or a combined one?
  10. Just bucket loads of hypocrisy - and an inability to address the facts of domestic violence, discrimination (signs in boarding house that declare No Irish, No Blacks , No dogs - saw some like that in the seventies , never mind the fifties) ,child abuse etc. I find that an awful lot of people who rattle on about political correctness still find the use of words such as f*** and c*** unacceptable - strange that!
  11. That bit cheered me up - but then you had to carry on and spoil it such a shame!
  12. We certainly hold on to some pagan practices and beliefs - touching wood etc. Also, the placing of grave goods for the afterlife , even burying toys etc. with the body of dead dogs. The concept of "bad language" where one set of syllables is worse than another set of syllables describing the same object, action etc. may be a throw back to the idea that a certain word or sentence had magical powers. The idea of patron saints for various locations, professions etc. can be seen as a throwback to a polytheistic tradition. Druids may have had sacred groves - we have sacred buildings, where the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God is somehow seen as more present , more aware of you and more powerful.
  13. Years ago I listened to a programme on radio 4 where the wide availability of Indian take-aways was traced back to the shot that killed Arch-Duke Ferdinand. Before you ask, no, I can't remember the full details but it was certainly an interesting example of consequences. (And don't forget, in the multiverse events produce a series of separate realities )
  14. Buddha was from Grimsby - little known fact.
  15. I've been known to sing along to "The Impossible Dream" - if that counts for anything.....
  16. I humbly apolgise for mistaking your narcissism for hypocrisy, is that better?!
  17. I was going to respond that Thatcher would have been proud of him - then I remembered, he didn't actually get rid of any mines.
  18. To be fair, the Christian Church had a head start over Islam in the race to shed blood.
  19. I don't always take notice of what you post - I certainly don't commit it all to memory. I have no intention of choosing "The postings of Cleopatra" as my specialist Mastermind subject.
  20. My apologies for not being a mind reader Cleo - tell me how I was supposed to deduce that. I feel you must know dozens of men with variations on the name - so any particular one woukd be a random Mohamed , mohamad, Mohammed , Mo or mu whatever to me
  21. Not disappointed - just a bit confused as you seem quite adamant about such matters. You didn't mean the prophet then, my apologies for the misunderstanding. Just some random Mohamed, I guess.
  22. I don't think many religions can lay claim to have entirely clean hands, certainly not mine or yours. Or at least not the organised side of it. It is the juxtaposition of respectable , Daily Mail/Telegraph reading, middle aged women, busily making jam, baking cakes etc. (okay it's a stereotype, but one with a basis in reality) and a call to bring down the state that amused me - rather than the religious angle.
  23. From the BBC "Millionaire businessman James McCormick, 56, has been convicted at the Old Bailey of three counts of fraud after selling fake bomb detectors. The Advanced Detection Equipment was based on a golf ball finder device and sold for up to $40,000 (£27,000) in Iraq, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and Niger. McCormick, of Langport, Somerset, said to have made £50m from sales of the devices, will be sentenced next month......."
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