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  1. I like Stormy Weather ....................sung by Billie Holliday,
  2. Unless Daddy is already on the board. Alternatively going to the right school and not being a prole helps of course.
  3. At which point Cheshire police would snap into action I imagine this would involve ringing the shop and when they got no answer- decide they couldn't confirm the incident and just send a Community Support Plod around in the next few days. Or am I being cynical and they would be around faster than a speeding bullet - they do a wonderful job blah blah blah?
  4. It does not excuse the behaviour of the press but if people didn't have this ridiculous obsession with who is ****ing who and who has been seen in some nightclub with whoever - then perhaps they would stop filling their so-called newspapers with this stuff. But I suppose that is like blaming drug addicts for the activities of the dealers. In this case it is often the parents who act like the pushers by the school playground - exposing their kids to this c*** by watching celeb based TV with their kids and bringing trashy newspapers and celeb magazines into the house.
  5. I object to the unelected head of state as a matter of democratic principle, not cost However..... ..... The usually quoted cost of the monarchy is £38.3 a year. This is a piece of highly creative accounting which hides the true cost - when you add in security, travel etc. etc. a more realistic figure is around seven times that figure. Put in perspective our head of state is 112 times more expemsive than the irish one and the most expensive royal family in europe. All of which is not relevant to my basic objection - although I am sure an elected head of state would not get away with such an obscene cost.
  6. There must be a app for that. (Not a subject to joke about I know - I have every sympathy for the poor sods who had to go through this ordeal- just hope they catch the b******* who did it.) I imagine there has to come a time when the shop owner decides it is no longer worth carrying on and closes down and the whole community loses out.
  7. It wasn't so much the views that surprised me it was that she apparently saw nothing wrong in them and had no qualms about expressing them on national radio.
  8. Actually Baz, his finances were involved - to quote teh Downing Street spokesperson it related to legislation.... ".....that affected the principality of Wales, the earldom of Chester and the Duchy of Cornwall - his private business and property empire."
  9. Dizzy - it's not a question of making it illegal to set them off after a certain time - it is already illegal to set them off after a certain time - with some variations for certain dates. or do you mean making it illegal at anytime? I would certainly be supportive of the restricting their sale to properly licenced operators who could only set them off at authorised events.
  10. On a specific question of noise - fireworks, I admit to a feelig of cynicism when the local police were pontificating about it being illegal to let off fireworks after a particular time. It has been relatively quiet this year but previously there have been regular incidents of firewroks going off at 1, 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning. Have any of those morons ever been prosecuted?
  11. I heard this woman on the Today programme last week and read it in the observer radio review - botn times I was gobsmacked. It makes you wonder about her relationships with her own staff. Here is an extract from the Observer "On Tuesday, it wasn't the presenters talking over interviewees that made us cross, but a discussion about executive pay packets. Heather McGregor, from executive search firm Taylor Bennett, when asked why an employee shouldn't sit on a company pay board, said: "John, you have young children, you would not give young children a say in how much money you allocate yourself every year for clothes or for haircuts. We do not operate workers' co-operatives. If they all want to work in a workers' co-operative, everyone can move to Cuba." Wow. Just: wow."
  12. When I joined this forum I believed two things 1) It is not expected to be a full time occupation, I did not "do a runner" as someone put it but I do have other things to do and I claim to be neither omnipresent nor, indeed, omniscient. 2) I beleieved it to be a platform for discussion and of the expression of opinion - even if those views are not universally held . it would appear that some, including those who responded with "Nick Tessla get lost" and "Sod off" do not feel that way - or perhaps they are not capable of forming and expressing more complex responses. As to the subject in hand, someone described my views as "paranoid". I can only assume this was in connection with Charles Windsor having the right to veto legislation. This is a factconfirmed by Downing Street and reported in mainstream media including the quality newspapers and by the BBC ( and not just republican newsletters edited by beardy weirdy lefties). Yes, republics can become dictaorships, as can monarchies. However, it does not follow that they become dictatorships because they have an elected head of state. Synchronicity does not mean causality. There will have been many other factors - historical, social, cultural etc. involved - factors that would not apply if we had an elected head of state. There has been some comparison of Elizabeth II with George Bush II.In reply 1) As I believe i have previously stated - this is not a criticism of the current encumbent - it is the role I detest not the present individual. 2)There is no guarantee that no future monarch will not be as much of a liability as the chimp faced one. Fortunately he was restricted to two terms ( and I would hope that a british equivalent would get voted out after one)- but imagine 60 years of such an embarassment on the throne.
  13. Thankyou for your constructive comments, eagle, but I'd rather stay. This is my country and living in Britain has other things going for it - if this country became a republic I suppose you could always "bugger off" to Saudi Arabia.
  14. A number of events are taking place in 2012. The Preston Guild, the Olympics and, bizarely, "celebrations" to mark the unelected head of state, in a modern "democracy", being in her post for 60 years. She is in that position not because she was annointed by god but because her ancestors were the most succesful gangsters and, more recently, the establishment's disapproval of her uncle's lovelife. In a country that wishes to be a democracy, any head of state should be elected. There should, of course , be nothing to stop Liz Windsor, her offspring, or their spouses, standing for election. The excuse that the monarchy is purely symbolic has been weakened by the recent revelations that Charles Windsor is offered the right to veto legislation. But, I hear some say, I bet you'll be taking advantage of the extra bank holiday. Of course I will- but I also enjoy spending time with my family during May bank holidays withoiut feeling obliged to dance around a maypole. Get rid of this nonsense ( and have a fully elected upper chamber in Parliament). this is the 21st century and we are supposed to be a democracy.
  15. If the local Labour shower's relationship with their party's union paymasters is repeated nationally, Ed Millibean will be begging on street corners for funds.
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