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  1. Come on Obs , not like you to avoid saying what tou think. Let's have it Scenario : A toddler is raped - after how long should the police ignore the chance to bring the rapist to justice - and concentrate on, for example, an office burglary or a fight between gang members. Six months, a year, -how long?
  2. Sounds tastier than a big mac
  3. Bizarre response. I don't think anyone is suggesting putting corpses on trial - not here anyway, although I believe Putin has done so.
  4. I guess the chance to have a tory MP's relative standing would have overcome any other prejudice. Still doesn't change the fact that UKIP is a refuge for those who would otherwise be supporting the British Nazi Party. As for Mr Patel - who I believe was an asylum seeker- you have to wonder about his naiveté at falling in with Fartrage. Perhaps he just has the Tory mentality of pulling up the ladder that he has used.
  5. Not usually the case Wolfie - although the likes of the Daily Mail like to report it that way.
  6. Come on Obs let's have your sliding scale - after how many years does raping a toddler or sexually assaulting a nine year old become less of a priority.
  7. A social construct - often a case of what others choose to define as "other -" Antonio Banderas said that he thought he was white until he moved to America and became Hispanic.
  8. Robert Falcon Scott - a falcons a bird not the name for a man - chavs . Isambard Kingdom Brunel, no wonder he achieved nothing, at least give him a name that's the title of a person, not a place. Florence Nightingale named after a city and Rudyard Kipling after the lake where his parents courted - for the same reason my eldest is called Backov Redlion Tessla.
  9. Before deciding the length of sentence the judge needs to check whether the prosecution played their joker .
  10. Cow-tailing ? James Ashington , the local leader of UKIP doesn't seem to think as many people are as worked up as Europe as you so evidently are From the W******ton G***d**n in January on why they were talking about immigration “If you talk about the EU, people aren’t interested....." Now UKIP may well be genuine about immigration - rather than just looking at a way to get in to a position to implement their other right-wing policies (destruction of public services etc.) - However don't be fooled that the BNP are against immigration per se. They have a racist agenda where it is okay for "indigenous" people to come here based around he idea of racial homelands - though god knows where we would put all the white Americans, Australians etc. if they left the lands where they are not indigenous.
  11. Nothing new in the phenomenon of weird names Cleo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMp_xGeQ2v0
  12. Fair enough - you don't want to see alleged sex offenders , including those accused of child sexual assault and rape brought before the courts. Is that more accurate?
  13. Diddums - poor little chap, god knows how he would cope in Parliament if the big boys were nasty to him. I wasn't expecting you on here today, Obs - I thought you would helping get the vote out in Birchwood for Geoff Sodall of UKIP.
  14. . Totally irrelevant compared to your wish to let off sex offenders if they are not caught after a few years
  15. I don't think they actually proceed unless they believe there is a reasonable chance of achieving a conviction. Do you have a sliding scale in mind - for example how long after someone has raped a baby should they not bother to prosecute ?
  16. I have no problem with BNP supporters , and indeed BNP members , being a member of UKIP, seems a natural refuge for them. However, it appears that, publicly at least, UKIP want to exclude them. So if anyone doesn't believe in a free democracy it appears to be Nigel Fartrage. I also have no problem in them expressing their odious opinions ( the more exposure Nick Griffin got the better as far I was concerned) . However I do feel that those standing or office should be prepared to have any racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny etc. revealed for what it is.
  17. I would regard sexually assaulting nine year old girls as serious - wouldn't you?
  18. Unless they're an immigrant I suppose
  19. I think you're confusing our legal system with the US. Stuart Hall has just admitted indecently assaulting girls as young as nine between 1967 and 1985 . I see no problem with prosecuting such people just because they got away with it at the time. For any other individual that is out there and is guilty of such acts I hope that, at the very least, such publicised cases,cause them the distress at the possibility that they might still get the knock on the door.
  20. of course they shouldn't - presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty - or is that just too PC?
  21. The problem is other parties basing policy on their perceived threat. Not sure if you would class Nigel Fartrage as a luvvie - but up until the last couple of days he and his disciples have been insistent that they have kept members of the BNP out of their party.
  22. If she had been younger and / or more photogenic would the Government have been keener to intervene? Cleo - I'd rather live in a country that is as safe as the UK is , compared to so many other countries, including many of those with the death penalty, than some of the foreign hellholes * where they are tougher on criminals. *Indonesia's murder rate per head of population approx. seven times that of the UK.
  23. At l.east The Archers has some nice scenery
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