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  1. The website for Warrington PA http://www.warringtontownship.org/townshiphistory.cfm states that; "Warrington Township was founded in October 1734, and is named after a town in Lancashire, England. The early township consisted of four villages: Warrington, Neshaminy, Tradesville, and Pleasantville ......" Note to all you Cheshire lot " ..in Lancashire..."
  2. I certainly know how much of a problem you have with facts
  3. The beeb has reported this stuoid remark "A prominent barrister specialising in reproductive rights has called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13. Barbara Hewson told online magazine Spiked that the move was necessary in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to end the "persecution of old men"..." Why not do away with the whole concept of consent as well , Babs, then all the rapists can carry on without the risk of "persecution".
  4. If only to hide the bruises
  5. The farmer seems to be trying to milk fiscal bullocks in this case.
  6. My previous post was Why Do I Bother?
  7. Well as long as the Terry O'Neill and his junta don't try and run a whelk stall there.
  8. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Place Names (yes it's very nerdy to own such a book) our Warrington's name is derived from Old English and means a Farmstead or Village by a weir or river-dam.
  9. Crime has significantly increased since the fall of Mubarak - including a 200% rise in Homicide , a 10 fold increase in armed robberies and a 50% increase in burglaries - according to the Interior Minister.
  10. I saw this headline and thought - will they please stop going on about Nigel F****** Farage http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22436942
  11. So will landlords be expected to act as unpaid border agency guards every time they want to rent someone a bedsit - or just when prospective tenants have a funny, foreign name or look a bit dusky?
  12. I've found a number of references to a fire at another mill, Over Cotton Mill in Cheshire, in 1874, where amongst the dead were a 34 year old woman and her three month old baby. http://www.heritage-explorer.co.uk/web/he/searchdetail.aspx?id=6673&crit=fire&large=1
  13. If you're not interested or find such matters distasteful then there is no need to join in , it's not compulsory. Why not start a thread in the General Chat section on , for example, the joy of thimble collecting or your favourite corn dolly * . * assuming such pagan fertility rites aren't a bit racy for you.
  14. It's minimum alcohol pricing gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The report I saw said it would also affect UK citizens living in the UK. The initial emphasis in reports on foreign spouses may have been a way to please certain "newspapers".
  16. Don't worry I am sure normal service will be resumed shortly
  17. They are already compromising (reviewing their immigration policy) when their only sniff of power is a joining in with debates on bin collection in local council chambers. We can only assume that the back-pedalling would involve them demanding we join the euro if they got into parliament
  18. Well I am afraid that , yet again, you are appear to be a fool for failing to understand what I have posted. Perhaps you really should wipe the angry spittle from your screen, as I have previously suggested, to enable you to see it more clearly. I have not suggested that all those who have voted for Nigel Fartrage's mob are Nazis - closet or otherwise, nor would I say that all their members and supporters are misogynist , homophobes, racists etc. - just a significantly disproportionate number and that UKIP is more likely to attract them than other parties would (indeed UKIP have made it clear that the motive for taking a stance against same-sex marriage is to attract voters - not for any genuine ideological reason)
  19. according to the report I read the were particularly keen to get at the brain. Desperately looking for brains in the USA is a tradition that continues to this day.
  20. Why the quote marks around immigrants - is that to differentiate between those you and UKIP approve of (e.g. Mr Patel, Mrs Fartrage and the Queen's hubby) and the others ? Seems Fartrage is a real politician after all, judging by this from the (proper) Guardian "Ukip has confirmed that its policy on immigration, one of its strongest selling points at the polls, is "under review". A party spokesman also accepted that it may increase the cap it has previously backed of 50,000 people moving to the UK a year. Ukip in its 2010 manifesto said: "We aspire to ensure that any future immigration does not exceed 50,000 people per annum........" ...just imagine how much they would twist and turn if they actually got any power / responsibility
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