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  1.  .Read the following and then tell me why we shouldn't have the death penalty in this country.....


    "The High Court has overturned an order granting anonymity to a notorious prisoner who brutally murdered three children in 1973.


    The convict, who was dubbed the "Monster of Worcester", can now be publicly revealed as David McGreavy, who impaled the bodies of his victims on spiked garden railings.


    McGreavy, 62, was jailed for life in 1973 for the "exceptionally horrific crimes", which he committed while babysitting at a house in Gillam Street, Worcester.


    Paul Ralph, four, was strangled while his two-year-old sister Dawn was found with her throat cut. Their nine-month-old sister Samantha died from a compound fracture to the skull.


    McGreavy - who was lodging with the children's parents at the time - is one of the country's most notorious and longest-serving prisoners.


    The gagging order was made in response to fears that the killer's own life was in danger."





    I had the misfortune to see the crime scene photographs, babies impaled on railings - truly horrifying. Even after thirty years the image is burnt into my memory.


    However I still do not believe that the state has the right to kill criminals. I find the notion of capital punishment morally offensive. 

    I find it offensive both on a secular level and also against my personal religious beliefs that see human life as sacred.


    The deliberate killing of one human being by the state is not justified by that person's taking of life.



    Society should be better than its worst members - not sink to their level.


    On seeing those awful photographs one of the things that struck me was that surely whoever carried out those acts could not possibly be sane.



    I accept that there is little point in engaging with you any further in a discussion on this Baz, so I shall try and resist the urge to make any further comments on this thread.



    - Obs - I know that as far as you are concerned everything is the fault of immigrants and Europe - this case predates the ECHR .

  2. So your accepting that he's saying "what people want to hear" then Nick?!  


    Like a snake oil salesman working a gullible crowd, just don't go thinking he believes in what he is saying.




    As for smoking - some of us plebs realise it aint good for us, don't be so patronising as to think we can't make up our own minds.

  3. Gove has just been rumbled for basing education policy on “surveys” conducted by Premier Inn and some “Gold” type TV channel.


    To be fair he doesn't totally rely on such surveys.



    There is also his extensive collection of Jennings novels


    You know the ones;



    Jennings Goes to School



    Jennings Follows A Clue



    Jennings Finds Matron



    Jennings and the Burning Sensation



    Jennings Goes To The Clinic




  4. The difference is Nick; the chattering class, intellectual luvvies think they know what's best for the rest of us, without actually asking. Nigel has clearly tapped into a democratic deficit by resonating with the Plebs; and anyone who likes a fag and a pint can't be bad!


    Saying what ever he thinks people want to hear - how like any other career politician.



    Nice to see that smoking and drinking are how you judge people Obs - nothing shallow about you :P



    It appears that some of Fartrage's crew find the whole policy thing a  they get in



    e.g. their leader in Suffolk




    "it was difficult to come up with coherent county-wide policies.

    He said: “We’re still working on that. I don’t know if we’ll have them in place by next week.........”



    Suppose they could just ask the local village idiot what he thinks.... :lol:   (as long as he isn't a bit swarthy or with his civil partner)

  5. The difference is Nick; the chattering class, intellectual luvvies think they know what's best for the rest of us, without actually asking. Nigel has clearly tapped into a democratic deficit by resonating with the Plebs; and anyone who likes a fag and a pint can't be bad!
  6. From the Beeb




    "BP wants Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene over the escalating cost of compensating US companies for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster in 2010.

    BBC business editor Robert Peston has learned that BP feels its financial recovery is in jeopardy because the compensation system is being abused.


    The financial burden of paying fictitious and inflated claims may even make BP a takeover target........


    ........BP gives many examples of businesses which have received huge compensation payments when they have suffered no harm from the oil spill”


  7. I can't be absolutely certain, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that you don't really like Mr Farage for some reason Nick.


    Let's just say we're unlikely to be picking out curtains together  :lol:

  8. Think perhaps middle or upper class, London centric luvvies Asp: I've noted a few TV journalists lately, in total denial that amongst the great unwashed, Europe is now a major issue. Perhaps they'll be in for a rude awakening at next year's Euro Elections.


    Can't get more London-centric than Nigel Fartrage , professional politician and a career in the financial markets.

  9. They, apparently, have funds to spend on PR friendly activities * and councillors' vanity projects but not to mend potholes.



    I know some weary willy will be looking to explain the difference between revenue and capital budgets or whatever - but then the divvies at the Town Hall need to set those budgets better.




    * or what they perceive as PR friendly - I'm not alleging hey are competent at doing so.

  10. I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to freebies and who is behind such offers.


    As it appears to be from the USA (last bastion of creationism) I just hope they don't have a module on how archaeology shows the earth is only a few thousand years old and man co-existed with dinosaurs.

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