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  1. Fred Dibnah made short work of all the old factory Chimneys. Amazing how the skyline has changed in such a short period of time.
  2. Dizzy and Algy are in my good books. I guess, giving my forum name, I should have been right first time.
  3. I'm sure the asteroid will burn them for you.
  4. I watched Armageddon last night before I knew about this story. Spooky.
  5. But what is the answer? It is question no one really likes talking about because as soon as it is mentioned the lefties will quickly shoot you down as racist so the subject is not talked about nearly enough. Gordon Brown was a prime example in "Bigotgate" where the question was raised by a voter and that was his "behind the scene" response.
  6. I do agree with you there Inky. It seems the whole political spectrum moved over to the left. "British jobs for British people" never applied under the last Labour administration. I don't thin we will ever see that logo applied by anyone anymore.
  7. Makes your blood boil. This kind of news just pushes people further right in the political spectrum. It is clear to see with far right paryies gaining more and more members. God only knows what that will lead too but it doesn't look good. How much longer will this go on before it really hits the fan.
  8. Another good one Cleo. Where do you keep getting them from?
  9. Wireboy


    Correct. There already a large number of Turks already here. Legally and probably illegally. But imagine if it was an open door policy like the rest of the EU. I bet you will see a lot more. One industry this country could invest in is a re-armament programme. That would provide a broad range of skills for the young and old and we could be a World exporter in aircraft, ships tanks and weapons. Like we used to be. Re-open the ship yards and take orders for ship building from around the world. Again something else we were good at. Reverse Dr Beeching’s axe of the 1960's and re-open
  10. Wireboy


    You make a good point. But as long as we are in the EU under the current regulations the Poles and other EU nations will continue to pore over into the UK. Turkey has been trying to get in the EU for a few years now. Imagine the influx of Turks to the UK should that happen. I do feel sorry for the young folk. Not all of them are mindless yobs. Maybe a new kind of national service could be implemented. It would teach the young valuable skills that they could contribute to society when they reach there 20's. I do realise however, that will not be a very popular option to some but what e
  11. I do think Bridge street needs life injecting back into it. But Winwick street is a mess. I don't see why one can be done without the other. Bridge street is already built and is just awaiting new shops and a little TLC. Winwick street is completely different as it needs construction and shouldn't have to compete with Bridge Street. The only "clash" I see with both projects is that Bridge Street was recently identified as a site for a new cinema. I feel Winwick street will be more appropriate for this because of the train and bus stations and also the cinema has been ear marked for Wi
  12. "Marvellous job of the area.” The first image for people leaving Central Station is a row of boarded up terraced houses that are half burnt and half falling down and a vast wasteland with cars on it. Hardly the greatest impression of Warrington for any potential visitors. The Council must have very low standards if they think that is a "Marvellous job.”
  13. What is going on with Winwick Street? The whole area was supposed to be re-developed with a high rise apartment block, cinema, restaurants and shops. It has been a car park for a few years now with no sign of work starting. Surely this would be an ideal opportunity to create jobs and growth in Warrington. Unless of course they use foreign labour. Even I admit the plans look good and the area desperately needs doing. It would add great value to that part of the town and would be the entertainment hub with the Warrington Wolves stadium finishing it off on the end. Anyone know the
  14. How about all the mysterious fires to listed buildings in the last 20 years? Then low and behold they are then quickly redeveloped.
  15. I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose. I bet some people would just pay it without question. The energy companies are crooks. Plain and simple. One of the reasons you see people outside St Paul's.
  16. 1907 celebrating a second win in the Challenge cup. The other one being 1905.
  17. I'm not sure minimum pricing is the answer. If people want to feed an addiction weather it be Drugs, Alcohol or Smoking they will do it. And if the legal price goes up it will only increase the illegal trade. There are plenty of counter fit cigarettes out there because of the price. Stand by now for a surge in counter fit booze. Causing all kinds of health problems. As for the politicians and there policies, I think the smoking ban was the only good thing they came out with.
  18. I could only recognise the bike shop and decided to have a stab.
  19. A wild guess at Winwick Street. Rex Jones bike shop.
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