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  1. Number 4 is the old Chapel on Bold street.
  2. Just when you think people cannot go lower, this happens. Words really do fail me.
  3. Yes. I know but I am also not saying.
  4. Yes. Same here. After working away, sometimes for months I like to come home and relax. Coming home feels like a holiday sometimes.
  5. Not necessarily. But a Defence Secretary with Armed forces experience would be preferred but not essential. In my opinion.
  6. The old Primary school building in Church Street. Grade 2 listed. - Burned down - Now houses. Bewsey old hall. - Listed - Nearly burnt down- "just no culprit yet found." Also not burnt down but: - Bay horse inn - Winwick Street - "Accidentally" knocked down. I’m sure there are more and I will post when I remember. Also buildings that were not listed but held local pride that stood in the way of development, then burnt down. Others and I do not believe these were coincidences.
  7. That a good one. I might have to steal that one.
  8. Good to see. Hopefully the event will continue to get bigger each and every year. And Cleo, I couldn't agree more.
  9. A huge talent that is a big Welsh loss. If only he was around in the early to mid 90's when Wales had Davies, Gibbs, Quinell etc. I miss having a strong Welsh RL side. I hope they continue to grow and give England a real good run for there money like they used too.
  10. Werner Von Braun should have hung with the rest of the Nazi vermin at Nuremberg. Probably the only reason he didn't is because the V2's landed on London and not New York.
  11. I don't think school is a free child minder at all. It is a service that is paid for out of everybody else’s taxes and mine. Am I going to get a tax rebate for the 2 days lost this year? Thought not. I do recognise the fight over pensions as I work in the public sector my self, but to strike (again) and p*** off all parents across the country, forcing parents to find a not free child minder or other arrangements on November 30th is not the right way to do things. Causing parents to do the above and hit there pocket, potentially damage there own job prospects and just before Christm
  12. They have no sympathy from me. They are striking at my children’s school for the second time this year. Causing me expense to arrange childcare. While I can see what and why they are fighting, they are going about it the wrong way. The school my children go to look for an excuse to close for the day. They have extra teaching training days than any other school and are always the first to announce closure in bad weather and the first when a strike is called. It is parents evening tonight and I have a feeling the teachers are going to get both barrels.
  13. Is the answer B? No wait. Is it C?
  14. I know plenty of people from that path.
  15. On the corner of Orford Lane and Longford Street????
  16. It looks a lot better then than it does now. I would like to see New Cut canal re-opened.
  17. Woolston Lock. New Cut Canal. Now forms part of Wier lane.
  18. Can't speak for everybody and I never will. However, on my travels and in my circles the view is the same as I have stated above.
  19. That is the main problem. Someone raises the subject of immigration in this country and they immediately encounter a curious stare from people, as in the back of there minds they think "Racist." The numbers are simple. If there is a mass influx of people (no matter what race) they "overwhelm" the current local population. This in turn causes resentment. I guess in today's age the best approach is "Containment" rather than a full stop. But politicians are reluctant to impose any form containment because they know it is political suicide. So people's voices fall on deaf ears so the
  20. The only thing I could see was the clock. Couldn't get anything else. Just lucky on that I guess. Thank you Dizzy. I guess I am in an elite Rugby fan class.
  21. Is it the old White Hart. Sankey street? Doesn't look that easy to me Algy. Don't recognise much.
  22. Does it involve "somebody" drinking from a certain river?
  23. Yes it is a shame. You can't fault the guy for effort. Sensational pace. I was a little upset to see Warrington let him go. I feel under the right training and time we could have had our own superstar there. Maybe Widnes could be an option for him. He had a successful loan spell there and he is one Paul Cullen's "boys." He is too good for the championship. I just hope a super league club takes him and like I said, with the right guidance he can be a top player. I wish him well.
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