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  1. I don't live too far from the Gorsey Lane site and I have never heard of any problems or incidents there. (not saying there has not been) I do however feel uncomfortable with local authority's now effectively being forced to find suitable sites for travellers. I am off the opinion where if travellers wish to become settled in one area then they should integrate with the local community and pay rates like everyone else. Also I fear areas will turn on other areas as they all argue amongst themselves where these sites are going. I'm sure plenty off NIMBY's will come out of the woodwork.
  2. Wow. What a great response. Hope you all had a good festive period. Mine was ok, even I worked through most of it but it was nice and quiet. Some interesting posts have been started while I have been away. Made some great reading.
  3. I just wish to say Merry Christmas to you all. I have to say it now as I am working for most of the holiday period so I won't get much chance to come on here until after Xmas. Also my computer decided to retire and I'm writing this on the I-phone which takes far too long. Once again Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012.
  4. Yes it is still there however, no longer a college. It was a council building for several years but it now empty and up for sale. Nice building.
  5. Very nice. Unbelievable the stuff some people throw away.
  6. These new aircraft carriers are needed. Plain and simple. The RN has not had any aircraft carriers since the 1970's. The Current Invincible class are "through deck cruisers" designed solely for helicopters. It was fortunate that they could take the Harrier as these were STVOL. (short take off vertical landing) The last aircraft carrier in the RN was the old HMS Ark Royal which decommission in 1979. The UK does not have over seas territories any more so a large aircraft carrier is needed to deliver strike aircraft any where in the world. Who can predict where a conflict will be in
  7. You’re excused. Yes there are redundancies at the moment but, if National Service is re-introduced the investment will be put into the MOD. Hence no redundancies. The Armed Forces have always traditionally struggled for manpower. Only recently have the redundancies happened. Today's headline about an unfortunate old lady in Oldham just further justifies to my self that NS should happen. And as you say the youth of today will become "resentful" and "resort to criminal activity" and "alternative political solutions" under the current climate.
  8. National Service with a difference. Join the RN, RAF or Army for 2 years and be taught skills like Mechanics, Electrics, Navigation, Construction, Engineering and so on. (it is a big list) The young person can choose. That will give the young folk a qualification to take back home with them and add to there skills. Plus a whole other range of benefits for society and the young person.
  9. The whole of Clyde area is taking a pounding tonight and tomorrow will be the same.
  10. Oh dear, Seems to be getting nasty. Wasn't the topic about some kind of president????
  11. Yes I noticed that at Woolston surgery Bill. If I ever need to ring (which is not very often) I will be sure to use the works phone or somebody else's.
  12. I have only ever been to one of these and that was the first one in 2007 at Cardiff. It was a good weekend but I did think it was missing something. 12 teams (as it was at the time) couldn't fill a 75,000 stadium. I thought it made us look a little bit of a laughing stock. Maybe Manchester would be better. We wait and see.
  13. I think the majority of posters on here have it spot on. The monarch have and work very hard for this country. I certainly don't class them as inbred. As for being German, there was a little German influence over 100 years ago. If you want to go back that far, trace your own history then call yourself an inbred whatever. I do not think an elected president will do any anything different or better than what is already being done. We have had jokers of prime ministers which has been enough. Imagine if Blair or Brown became president? I have also heard of a fantastic president in Zimbabwe.
  14. Wireboy


    Nope. 5 minutes alone however will make an iota of difference.
  15. 3. Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end. Not sure how I should answer that But here goes, It depends whether you are a male.
  16. Is that when they laid the foundation stone for Warrington Museum?
  17. Isn't 112 also an alternative number?
  18. But it is not a Win Win for the energy companies. That is why it won't happen.
  19. Wireboy

    Oh Deer !

    I can't stop laughing at this. The dog owners reaction is priceless. That is something my dog would do.
  20. Is number 2 the alley way in between holy trinity church and the greggs bakers. Sankey Street? Looking up at the town clock?
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