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  1. With you 100% Baz. For far too long we have just been expected to lay back and take it. There are things going on in Warrington that infuriate people. The list is endless. Good luck.
  2. Wireboy


    It's fascinating stuff. I too heard several stories over the years and it would be great if it were true. However, with all the "modernising" Warrington has under gone in the last 60 years you would think it would have been discovered. Then WBC would have destroyed it like everything else. Maybe it is best that if it does exist it remains undiscovered as to protect it from developers/travellers/WBC.
  3. Some people also call there dogs "Mongs." Short for Mongrel.
  4. I'm not really a fan of any of them but I did see a Ricky Gervais stand up show once and what you say doesn't surprise me. He insulted most people in the celebrity world. He was going after Dawn French when I seen him. I guess its just part of his stand-up. I did know what "Mong" meant and it would not be a word I would use but I know plenty that do. It has been around for a while. It was a common insult when I was in high school.
  5. Dizzy, There is always a Frigate and or Destroyer in that area of world. Long before this latest incident. 6/7/8/9 month deployments are the norm. Also there are UK minesweepers permanently in Bahrain. A good move as Iran would probably Mine the straight to block it off.
  6. If Iran wants to show aggression then we must show it back. If you close the straights you effectively block in UK/US ships in Bahrain and they will not take that lying down. Russia and China say they show support but they don't want to fight any more than we do. If Iran blocked the port they will be moved out of the way. Then it will be Iran/Russia/Chinas move.
  7. If we were to build a wall anywhere I would opt for one in the South East. Just where the channel tunnel ends.
  8. I can't make my mind up about this top. Without the splats it would be kind of ordinary but, I think the splats are too much. It looks like they have just repainted there living rooms. I do like the Wire away top. I got it for Christmas and I know it is a bit "wild" but they are the original colours so good to go back 135 years. Does look like Dennis the Menace though.
  9. Many thanks for that. I'm glad somebody came to the rescue. It was driving me mad. I'm still adjusting to the technological miracle that is the i-phone.
  10. The I-phone app must have sensed that I had calmed down and allowed me to watch it. Very good and like others on here I have done bungee jumping and the like in the past but not anymore. I don't have the stomach. Well I never did but I used to be able to hide it well.
  11. Is there something wrong with my computer or I-phone as I can't see any clip or image for this post? Am I missing some software? I can usually see everything else. Someone please tell me what this is. The curiosity is killing me.
  12. Unfortunately this will turn into so many other murder cases in the joke country we live in. The family will now campaign endlessly until justice is done. (rightly so) And it will only come to light when/if someone comes forward with fresh evidence. Cases like this further my belief that more CCTV cameras should be installed. I know people say it is an invasion of privacy but I feel that would be a small price to pay if it brought murderers to justice.
  13. In regards to the topic. I would personally find it a great honour to be knighted and if one day I am I would be devastated to be stripped of my "Sir" status because I have let people down. I understand however, there are other people that wouldn't give two hoops. Being Knighted is for a great skill/service to the people. Sir Fred Goddwin's knighthood should be removed as he has failed in his skill/service. Whether he cares or not is another question.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up Algy. I have seen that picture before years ago and must have mistaken it for a swing bridge. I knew the bridge had changed considerably from the bridge we all know now.
  15. I laughed hard today when the captain said he "fell into the lifeboat." Desperate words from a desperate man.
  16. The picture looking at the old river bed is a great one. You can see how much that patch off river regularly needed dredging. A bit over grown now. The bridge over this patch off river on Chester road, did that used to be a swing bridge? So there were effectively two swing bridges on Chester road. One for the river then the current one for the ship canal. I'm sure I heard that once before but can't find anything on it.
  17. I went to the car park last week. Again to visit Homebase and it was the first time in a while. I did notice several signs had been put up and I saw a uniformed presence walking around ticketing cars. I saw him ticket several cars for parking in the disabled spaces that did not have disabled badges. I have seen several times over the years of people taking the p*ss and parking in these spaces so I felt a great satisfaction seeing them get tickets. I did notice however that when the tickets were issued he effectively "did a runner" back to his hut next to Sports Direct. I bet he
  18. And the tit tat between the English and the Scottish starts. Playing right into the nationalist hands. Take a look at a world map, then look at the size of Brittania. It is a tiny island smaller than some American states. Nationalists now want to spilt this tiny Island into 2 or 3 seperate country's because people who live only a couple of miles apart can't agree over the colour of Shi#e. The British brought so much to the world in the last 300 years and as highlighted on Question time last night, Scotland and England apart would have no power in the rest of the world. Both countries
  19. I love Rugby League and I love Warrington RLFC. I do however have a bad taste in my mouth for the RFL. On far too many occasions now they have turned our game into a laughing stock. This season proved it. I have nothing against Leeds, they played the game well and played when they needed to but finishing 5th and taking the title is a pi@@ take. It completely takes away the hard work the top 4 teams put in all year round. It will give teams this year the attitude of "it's ok guys, drop this game. It's the playoffs that count." and who could blame them? I was a season ticket holder f
  20. The town hall fountain was also taken with the gates for scrap. There is a replica of the fountain in Alexanda park near Glasgow. I went to see it about 2 years ago now. Couldn't believe the size of it. Made a great picture. Shame the fountain was never replaced. See how much Glasgow want for there's. Never knew about Victoria parks gates or the tank. That tank would have made a great feature even to this day had it survived. It appears Warrington made a good contribution for scrap metal with the above and also the Arpley Cannons. I never knew about Halla way either. I
  21. I consider myself a strong unionist and I have several Scottish friends as I work in Scotland. I am confident the union will stand after a referendum. David Cameron has called the SNP's bluff. Your move. I do however see a poorer future for the whole of the UK should it break. We are stronger together.
  22. Baz. I agree with you. Why we are even tolerating this community angers me. Maybe the real reason for all of this is so the government can finally tie these people down and stop them from "travelling" into parks etc and if they get them to settle maybe get them to pay tax. Understandable people turning to NIMBY's but like I said they will go somewhere. I only fear some more affluent areas of towns will push the travellers to the less affluent areas. They won't be placed in a distant field somewhere, they will go on the local park or playing field or some natural beauty spot. Causing e
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