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  1. As I said in the other topic. The game against Huddersfield is now up there on the same level as Wigan, Saints, Leeds and Catalan. Huddersfield always seem to get the better of us. Especially early on as shown in the last couple of seasons. Hopefully Wire have remembered this and took the action necessary for the game on Saturday.
  2. And the way the POW's were treated by the Japs was appalling. They were real b**tards. I bet if the British troops knew what was coming in them POW camps, many of them would have just chosen to fight till the death in Singapore before surrendering.
  3. I have sky internet and had it for nearly 5 years now. It always worked great until about 12 months ago when we started having problems. I had just renewed my contact with them then it went very slow making everybody rather frustrated. I phoned Sky several times only to be told "technical issues" or I am "causing interference in my house." (easy excuse) My next door neighbour had exactly the same problems. I am only paying £7.50 a month and I used to think that was great but I am now thinking of going else where when my contract expires in a month or so. My parents are on Virgin and
  4. Sean Penn should stick to what he does best and that is making crap films and keep his nose out of Falkland politics. I really don't see an argument for the Falklands. The locals want to stay British end off. No negotiation. No matter how much pressure is applied from crap actors that make crap films.
  5. I usually jump to the defence of Warrington when it is criticised by outsiders but in this case I can't help but laugh and agree. There does seem to be a lot of the people described and my will to defend Warrington gets less by the day. But I'm sure most places are like that. Most places I have visited anyway. I guess that is just today's society.
  6. Was a good game. I thought the first London try as a bit soft and a few silly knock-ons. Mainly Carvell who also seems to mess up the play the ball often too. But he put in some solid runs. It was also good seeing the two new corners open and filled with fans. It gave that end of the stadium a good finish. Locked in the atmosphere and it was better than seeing cars go past. It would be good to get the other two corners done and that will make a cracking atmosphere. A real test this weekend against Huddersfeild. We have had two games now to blow away the cobwebs and we need to pu
  7. The above photo looks ok and I have not seen it in person, but it looks like that if people were to sit down in that then they would have a restricted view as the bar for the next row would be across your face. I don't think that will be too popular and people will just stand any way and we will be back to square one.
  8. You guessed it Dizzy. 30 years old. How did you know? Guess I must have given it away in a previous post.
  9. Thank you very much. I have reached a "milestone" birthday today and I can see the world a whole lot clearer now
  10. A few years back. (10 years maybe) They were doing the car park at greenhalls and they dug up those concrete barges. It was in the local press at the time. I think they used them for in fill when filling up the old river. Unfortunately they were broken up and removed. I have an old OS map of Warrington in the 1850's showing the old river quite well. I believe from local folk law that the new river was cut along Chester road as the old one constantly flooded at Wilderspool and the new cut river was better for shipping.
  11. I think there plenty going on in the 80 's and 90's to keep the service men on there toes. The Falklands was a short but brutal conflict and Northern Ireland dragged out for all of the 80's and 90's Today they are good troops but no more than the previous generation IMO.
  12. I love these photos. I walk down the black beat regularly and I have always wanted to see pictures of the canal just before it was filled in. Do you have any more? Just to get bearings, where is the photo of the stinking mess taken? I don't recognise the houses.
  13. The fish market is a nice feature in town and it would be a shame if it was ever demolished. I still think it was a shame the old market went. Looking back at pictures there seemed to be so many characters back then.
  14. If/when the Argies do invade again, much tougher sanctions must be enforced against them. We can't keep warring with them every 30 years or so because they just don't get it. If British soil is attacked again. Maybe we can counter by attacking Argie soil. To be honest, I think it is just Argie policital motives. Over time when an argie president has been struggling politically they just shout "Malvinas" to take the negative light away from them and to drum up support from the population. But if they do show aggression, we must show it back.
  15. I thought the same Dizzy. Seems a pointless system if the land owner can object but I honestly don't know if he can or can't. Any objections have to be in writing and have to state reasons. So it can't just be an objection for objections sake.
  16. I have seen on the other website last week that the paths will be recorded as such on the 2nd February as long as there are no objections. If an objection is made then it has to go to the Secretary of State for a decision. Hopefully 2nd February will be the end of the matter. Any objections are just surely delaying the inevitable? I have also seen the signs all around the site saying the same as the other paper. Just watch this space now to see what plans are put in for the site. Just a big game.
  17. I was 8 too and I thought I was still happy until I read that. Are you two saying you are the same age as me OMG I thought I was a lot younger than you as you both sound really old and grumpy I wonder who is the youngest and who is the oldest forum member? But I guess we will never find out as that is part of the mystery of the forum.
  18. Can't speak for 40 years ago but I can say I am not happy working at this hour on a Saturday.
  19. Hello Inky, As Baz J says get an architect to do the drawings for you. Tell him how exactly you want it and he will draw it. Expect to pay the architect around the £400-£600 mark. You might get it cheaper if shop around. You then present these drawings to builders and they quote from that. Just be careful about cowboy builders. There is plenty of information available on the web with reviews about builders so be sure to always check them out before taking them on. Ratedpeople.com is a good also findatrade.com. They all have reviews good and bad from previous customers so it does he
  20. By colours I mean:- Tory=Blue Labour=Red Lib Dems=yellow Just before anyone miss reads my post.
  21. As already mentioned, people vote for colours not policy. I have several family members/friends who vote for Labour each and every time because "that is who my dad always voted for" or "I've always voted labour." Or my favourite "Warrington is a Labour town (traditionally) so I voted for them." When I asked who had read any of the main 3 manifestos for the general election, not one of them had. They were voting for a party but had no idea about there policies. It seemed no matter how bad the Labour government screwed this country they are still followed passionately like some foot
  22. Maybe an elected Mayor would be an idea. It is obvious the current system isn't working.
  23. I don't think we will enter another recession. The last quarter of 2011 was negative but so was the last quarter of 2010,2009. All in all the UK GDP grew by 0.9% in 2011 which is not bad in these uncertain times. It is just a shame the end of the year finished poorly. We were talking at work yesterday about boom and bust. People were grumbling that we only grew by 0.9% in a year but, if there was a way to permanently eliminate boom and bust but grow by 0.9% a year putting an end to recession most people would accept that. However, how do you put an end to recession?
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