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  1. Fantastic pictures algy. I liked the Manor lock picture as I was there today and I was trying to picture in my head boats passing through there. Now I can. I think I was born a generation too late as when I look at old pictures of Warrington I think it looked better then than it does today. Oh well. Try not to live in the past as they say
  2. I have worked/lived in Scotland for a few years now and I can say that all this independence talk is nothing but political dribble. I have yet to meet a Scotsman who wants independence. I am not saying that there aren't any but the pro independence are quite clearly in the minority. It is purely used as a political tool for the SNP to "stand up to the bullies" of the south. If there were a referendum the SNP would lose. They know it, we know it and that is why there hasn't been one. I myself am proud to say I am British and do not like the idea of UK breaking up. But this topi
  3. Whilst out for a walk last week I came across the derelict Walton Locks. It got me interested to find out more about the locks on-line. After finding there purpose would it not be a good idea to reinstate them? The lock was used to access the river Mersey into the town centre. The locks became surplus to requirements when industry closed in the town centre. (Thames Board, Bishops Warf etc) After seeing how well other towns and cities have utilised town centre water space, Warrington could really be on to something here. The River Mersey is now the cleanest it has been since the s
  4. For anybody that is still interested. I went to St Elphins church today and that church has a separate annex belonging to the South Lancashire Regiment. After I saw several old newspaper reports of the close ties behind the regiment and the church I went to investigate. Again well worth a visit. There are too many to count battle colours hanging up in the church. Some of them look very old and battle worn. Also information on any soldier who had the misfortune to die whilst serving there country. The church tells me that they still hold annual services in there for the Duke of Lancas
  5. I believe O'Leary Street is called as such because of Colonel O'Leary of the Boer war. His statue is in Queens?s gardens I believe. Insall road is named after the Commander of RAF Padgate. I read that information somewhere sometime ago but can't remember where. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. All you need is name and roughly time they were in Dizzy. Luckily the old Colonel in the museum knew my granddad and was his officer during his service. What a coincidence. Small world eh? They always say a good officer remembers his men.
  7. No need to book to Dizzy. Only 30-45 minute drive. Well signposted. The museum is open from 1000am on Saturdays. It is in Fulwood barracks itself where after signing in you park inside the barracks and are free to look around. Museum is free but they welcome donations and I gave generously as they did find my Grandfather?s records. Well worth the visit and the staff are very helpful.
  8. Hello all, I finally put my money where my mouth is and went to the regimental museum at Fulwood barracks on Saturday. The museum is well worth a visit. There is plenty of information available on the South Lancashire regiment and plenty of pictures hanging up on the South Lancs in action. There are even old photos of Warrington hanging up as the old regiment are marching through the town and parades on the town hall lawn etc. The museum is run by ex army and most of them served or visited Peninsula barracks when it was much bigger in the 1960's. On request a very nice old C
  9. Hello all, Just to let you all know I went to Warrington Library today to try and find more about the barracks. There are several old OS maps that show how big the barracks were but that map is already on this forum kindly posted by Dizzy. I'm afraid there was not much else. I would have liked to seen old photographs but I'm afraid there is none. There are several old Warrington Guardian clippings telling stories of the regiment between 1930-1970. Mainly parades on the town hall lawn. Looking at these it would seem the council estate was built on part of the barracks in the la
  10. Just an update for those who want to know. After speaking to the council there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what is happening on site. The landowner applied for a fishery lake in 2007 but that expired in August 2010. The landowner then applied for allotments but then he took the plan out. Now the owner is just ripping up the land and erecting big fences and mounds to stop access. The council themselves do not know why the landowner is doing this. The council say that as long as the paths have been used as rights of way for 20 years or more (which they have) he c
  11. Good Morning forum users. Yesterday (Friday 07-05-2011) I went for my usual walk from my house in Orford to Bennett's recreation ground. Has anybody noticed the difference? The Orford side of the Rec, what used to be a railway line has now been completely ring fenced by a 20 ft fence. This is a large area, which includes the old railway line, 1 rugby pitch and the land that used to be occupied by Thomas Locker social club. Nearly 2 years ago all the trees and wildlife were lost in that area when all the trees were ripped up and burnt. There was a little fuss made then with lo
  12. Firstly I would like to pass my opinion on the death of Osama Bin Laden. It is hard to find sympathy for someone who kills innocent men, women, children in terrorist activities. He deserved to die the way he did and I am glad. I do think however, it would have been better justice for him to be captured and taken back to the USA to face the people but I appreciate the difficulties that would arise from that situation. Secondly I find a few comments by Limey1 a little offensive. While I appreciate the defence of your country and people in your views I find the comment "savin
  13. Thanks Dizzy, I would like those links please as I can't seem to find them. I live near by and often wonder what it would have been like having "squaddies" walking the down my street Seems a shame the barracks have downsized. I looked a google earth earlier and looked at where I think the barracks once were and the place was huge.
  14. Everytime I drive past the barracks I wonder what it must have been like in its heyday. There seems to be so much history there but it looks so quiet now. The married quarters for the barracks were in Canberra square in Orford. They are still there but they are now privatly owned. My Grandfather who I did not know was a Staff Sargeant there in the late 60's early 70's and he had a house at Canberra square and my Mum lived there as a child. My Mum remembers when the barracks were a lot bigger but she could not give me any more information. I can't find much on the internet but I am fascin
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