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  1. There isn't much left of RAF Padgate now. There is half a running track (the other half had the Birchwood expressway built on it) that now makes a path. You can see it on google earth. Also if you look hard enough you can find the remains of the firing range but it is just rubble. A few other bricks that used to make air raid shelters are dotted about. There is a good picture in Warrington Museum taken by a German plane in 1940 of the whole camp but it doesn't photocopy very well. I have a picture in my hallway of the camp taken from Padgate lane. The picture is from Francis Firth and is on there website. Algy's recent pictures in the Orford Farm topic shows part of the camp.


    The barracks are now tiny compared to what they used to be. They used to occupy 16 acre's but now occupy only 5. Penninsula house and the surrounding estate were built on the barrack's land. Still a busy little place though. And with the TA now doubling in size the future may hopefully be bright for these historic barracks. Again Warrington Musuem have the original detailed plans. Well worth a look. When the barracks were built they were surrounded by fields with the old railway line and Orford Hall the only thing nearby.

  2. Managed to catch some of it this week.


    Sounded great Gary and you have a very sultry and relaxing voice on the radio :oops::lol:


    I tuned in just as Living on a Prayer was half way.


    What was the song you played after Quo and before Here I go again ?



    You just missed the special mention to "Dizzy." It was on just before living on a prayer. :P

  3. First bad judgement call by Mr Smith in tonights game. We aren't Manchester Utd with millions of pounds worth of talent on call if we give senior players a break..I was going to go tonight but was put off by the nightmare tales of traffic trying to get away from Salford's stadium. Good judgement call by yours truly...Why bother travelling to away games when it isn't known which team coach will turn up on the car park ? This rotation of players just won't work even against lowly Salford..It's an insult to them and no motivation from Phil Veivers is necessary...We are saying to them...Look we know you'll try hard but we are the mighty Wire and we'll beat you whatever team we deem fit to put out...It also puts off Wire fans from attending. I'm a believer in playing your strongest team in every fixture, if not why don't we all stay at home and just turn up for the last three weeks of the season ? I'm becoming disillusioned with the game anyway and tonight might just have made up my mind not to renew my season ticket next season. Straws and camels backs and all that.


    I realised this myself last year.


    I was a season ticket holder for 21 years but I like you became disillusioned. The season tickets are not cheap and like already said you then have to pay extra for cup and play off games.


    My work commitments meant I could not go week in week out but I maintained my season ticket at a loss to myself purely for the love of the club and the game. But after the prices started to rise and the club sold my seat before renewal, twice, I decided it was time to no longer be a season ticket holder.


    The games I can go to during the season (when not working) I pay cash and still don't spend what a season ticket costs. I really do question the value for money on a season ticket.


    I also found a poor attitude from some at the club when dealing with my seat that was sold behind my back probably to someone in a suit offering corporate money.


    I sensed it at the beginning when we moved to the new stadium that the club would put the fans 2nd and the corporate suits 1st.


    I was at Salford last week and I can clearly say I would have not gone in hindsight. It is not that I mind getting beat but to pay £20 for a ticket to watch effectively the "A" team is taking the pi**. But hey ho. We live and learn. I still love the game and I will always support Warrington but now I reluctantly give the club money as I feel they treat the fans like crap. Last Friday was just another example.

  4. Goog grief Middlec... that last picture will give me nightmares :shock:


    I wonder how on earth it is still intact as it looks rotten and in a very bad state especially with those stray bits of wood sticking out.


    Considering it's age and the amount of use it's had and the amount of water which has flowed in an out of it though I guess that in understandable.


    I don't know why it is but locks just scare me and after seeing that perhaps I'm not as daft as my other half thinks <_<:unsure:


    Re: what you said Algy about the tower being knocked down for the access road to the new appartments.. shame eh?


    Maybe they should have left it there as I bet someone with a bit of imagination would have loved to have converted it into a narrow but unique 4/5 storey well built apartment with character and style :wink:



    You see a few towers converted in Grand Designs and they do come up nice when finished.


    It is a shame the tower went. I don't remember it but it looks good on the picture. :P

  5. I think I would have preferred to jump in and drag him out and be sued by someone who I saved rather than stand there doing nothing; while watching someone die knowing I could have got them out and have that on my conscience for the rest of my life.


    A disgraceful series of events and such things should be prevented from happening again....I mean it isn't like it was the Atlantic Ocean!!



    So would I. Just trying to think of reasons why they didn't go in.

  6. IMO the main fear today is that the emergency services get personally sued by the liberal society for doing such tasks.


    They would wade in and the guy might have died any way and the emergency workers would have been blamed as "they didn't go in with the right kit" or "they lifted him out wrong."


    They then find themselves in the wrong for trying to do right.

  7. Tomorrow I will be taking taking off at Liverpool airport and flying a plane over Warrington for my first pilot lesson. Take cover and preferably underground. It's not going to be pretty.



    Ground to air missiles at the ready.


    Only kidding. :P Have a great time. I have always wanted to do that myself so let us know how it goes.

  8. Odeon Cinema


    Remember this? A real shame when they got rid.



    I miss the Odeon. A real shame it went.


    I bet they are kicking themselves now though as every new proposed development in town these days involves the construction of a new cinema.


    I think Jurassic park was the last movie I saw there. Remember the ice cream vendors at the sides?


    Great building décor wise. Another one gone. :cry:

  9. I work with heavy machinery and wear ear plugs regularly. I also find them useful at night time to drown out noise from inconsiderate neighbours.


    I have not been to a concert for years but the last one I went to was Cream fields in the early 2000's and they were giving them out there. I declined but now I would probably take them up.


    I have seen and heard of several people in my profession going deaf later in life so I take looking after my hearing seriously.

  10. Don't know what happened there but I will try again. :unsure:


    I have been looking at solar panels myself for a while now. It would be great to make savings on electric/gas bills.


    There are those “rent a roof” schemes for 25 years which I am not keen on. Or you can just buy them outright at several thousand pounds taking years to break even.


    It is a great idea and you get to stick your middle finger up at energy companies but only if you have a spare few grand and if you are also sure you are going to stay in your house for the next decade or too.

  11. I think the idea comes from Football from there Champions league.


    Our top four plays there top Four.


    Obviously there will be huge logistical difficulties and I'm not sure how it would work.


    I also think the Super League clubs will get a good beating from Australia. I don't think you can take Leeds victory last Friday as an example of how it would be. The Super league teams may lift for a "one off" but in a league they would have no chance at present.

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