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    Pub Quiz

    Thanks everyone. I think I'll try the Blue Bell- I did spot a sign in their window when I was on my lunch break yesterday saying "Pub Quiz Thursday" so will give it a go.
  2. What has become of Gareth Farrelly? I was surprised early in the season when you had him in your team against us (Lancaster) but in the match at Cantilever Park he wasn't around, and I notice he isn't in the squad list on the website anymore. Has he moved on? As an Everton fan I treasure the memory of him helping us avoid relegation.
  3. egon

    Pub Quiz

    Does anyone know of any pub quizzes on weeknights at pubs in the town centre? The Barley Mow has stopped its quizzes, so we now have a team in search of a venue, so I was wondering if anyone on here knew of any on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights?
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