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  1. Hi Algy. I got a fine in the Stockton Heath car park too. I had a hair appointment so knew I'd be over 2 hours, but didn't have the £1.00 (as it used to be) for the machine. I went into the sunbed place for change and came out to find the car parking attendant. I'd already been ticketed and "once it's been issued it can't be taken back" (would LOVE to know whether that's true!). He told me the same thing; appeal to WBC. Standard line I suspect. I did appeal and explained but wasn't particularly hopeful of a good outcome. It seems that your word is worth very little, but theirs is never wrong.
  2. Bah humbug. Rock on kids.
  3. I live in Walton just a little way from the Creamfields site and I really don't mind at all. I was out on Saturday & Sunday daytime anyway (hiding from the rain mainly!) so I had the bass beats in my living room all evening but HECK let them have their fun I say. It's only 3 days out of a total 365 a year and we were all young once. The local hotels were all full too and it looks like everyone had a ball. I saw them all in their wellies in Stockton Heath on Saturday afternoon and I really felt for them in that driving rain. If I was 21 instead of 41 I'd have been there too!
  4. Anyway... about this London Rd incident. Nothing on the Warrington Guardian website and nothing listed in the 'incidents' on Cheshire Fire website. Can I have a conspiracy theory please?
  5. Fancy finding this thread on here as well as on Warrington Guardian's forum! I have seen a number of (very) 'near misses' as well as a number of accidents at these particular junctions, and agree that the new housing estate will only add to capacity (how on earth any car will be able to turn right out of there I just don't know). I, too, drove past the bang the other Sunday. A few weeks ago a motorcyclist was involved in a bash so much more potential for injury. I slow down an awful lot as I drive past these junctions in the morning but cars have jumped out in front of me from Walton New Roa
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