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  1. I do hope you're not implying that I'm a whingeing occasional user!!! I use the bridge every day and am quite happy to pay the toll. What I am not happy about is paying for the privilege to be delayed by at least half an hour!! Maybe they should waive the toll if you are kept waiting Now there's an idea
  2. Exactly!! This morning the old dear in the booth was oblivious to the queue over the bridge and was happily chatting to all her mates as they passed by, making us all queue up for even longer! What a waste of fuel and time!! Getting home is just as bad, I pity all the folks who live in Warburton and have these queues outside their homes every night!!! Tonight it took about 30 minutes to travel half a mile!!
  3. They have two people there, one for each way !!!
  4. They don't scrap it cos it's making them a fortune!!!!
  5. I just don't understand why they are allowed to create such traffic mayhem!! Last week it took me an hour and a quarter to get to the toll bridge from Warrington. Silly me thought there was a problem on the way to Manchester but the delays were simply due to the toll bridge Something needs to be done!!
  6. This Toll Bridge causes mayhem nearly every day!! Surely they could let traffic through without stopping them for an hour or so when it's really busy! Tonight traffic was queued right back to the Woolston roundabout from the traffic lights at the bridge. Ridiculous!!!
  7. I thought they'd been vandalised too - that's why I asked the question on here.
  8. Today the 20 mph signs were painted out along Long Lane/Orford Green. Does this mean 30 mph is back in force? Anyone know why the sudden turn-around? What another waste of money that was!
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