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  1. 20 November 7pm start Location Turf & Feather pub, Glover Road, Locking stumps Warrington, United Kingdom I am organising a race night at The Turf & Feather pub in Locking Stumps.But is is no ordinary race night...it will be WACKY RACES!!! From sheep racing to cheese rolling you can bet on it all! So come and have a few drinks have a few bets and help me raise some much needed money for my project. The event is to raise money for my Warrington project. For those of you that do not know what I am doing....I volunteer for a charity called Life After Loss, a pregnancy and infant loss charity. The charity is supporting me in my personal mission to improve bereavement services in maternity in Warrington. They need a lot of stuff and I have done quite a bit but still have a lot more to do and that means I need funds! And that is where you lovely generous people come in! I promise to provide the entertainment, the good people of the Turf will keep your thirst quenched, all we need is your company and your willingess to have a flutter! I hope to see you all there and if you need any more info just get in touch xxx
  2. Hi everyone just thought I would pop this in here I have been putting it bout spreading the word. Hope you don't mind. I am off to the annual Life After Loss balloon release this weekend. It may be in Belfast but money raised goes towards my Warrington project which provides for bereaved parents and families, and victims ofpregnancy and infant loss. It will be an honour to help out again so I can continue to help families in Warrington. If you can spare just ?2 please buy a race tag, you could win fantastic prizes. Or if you would like a tag for your baby you can also do that by visiting: http://lifeafterloss.org.uk/shop/?page_id=7 Please help where you can it is a worthy local cause and one very personal to me. You can also donate through my justgiving page, the link is http://www.justgiving.com/Gemma-Antell-LAL I am happy to discuss any aspect of the Warrington Project with anyone interested. What I have done/m doing/need or plan to do. I just don't wnt to bore you all with the ins and outs if you don't want to know. All I will say is your money is making people's lives more bearable in the face of awful tragedy xxx
  3. Thanks Dizzy I do understand and every situation is different. I am not going to argue over this anymore it's hard enough fighting the council. But I will say that for reasons I again cannot reveal at the moment it will not be possible for Lily to take up the previously offered place. So Lily is literally without a school place and homeschooling is my only option. So it is not even out of 'stubbornness' (as some seem to think) she will not be going to school, it no longer seems to be an option for her. I am sure this will come to light soon enough but like I say for the moment I cannot comment about what has happened with that school place.
  4. Unfortunately I cannot discuss the exact reason until we are granted our appeal. So you will just have to assume I am screaming I want I want until the truth comes out. This is the advice of our solicitors and I am not going to go against them. So I guess you will just have to wait and see. As for the rest of it I can't be bothered explaining again, keep your opinion and I will keep mine. I don't need to justify my personal situation to you. As a mother having her child belittled I could say a lot more, but I will rise above it. You will have your pound of flesh by the end of the day though. You do not have to support me, if you don't like it don't read the blog.
  5. And you are entitled to you opinion. Not that I will take it on board. I am quite aware I have made some enemies during my fight, it does not deter me one bit. Only the people involved know ALL the ins and outs of this case. If the council had implemented the admissions process correctly in the first place she would be in the school therefore the entire process is void. And FYI there is no such thing as a 'catchment area' in Warrington. You probably also think I should pay for the ambulance I was carted off in becuse my condition is not 'serious enough'. I didn't realise you had seen my medical records. Also a doctor would not put their name to a report unless they believed it (well unless they work for the council perhaps...). We have several of these reports. I know my child you do not. I also think it is pretty ignorant to say the hosptalisation of a child's mother is not relevant to her well being. Any fool can see a mothers place is at home with her children. As for my mothers cancer it has no bearing except for the FACT she is too ill to pick up my daughter, you seem to have more of an issue with this than me. Maybe nobody else is saying it because it is not the truth. I'm not wasting any more time on this issue as it is detracting from my main focus. I was never going to please everyone and I certainly don't live to please you.
  6. Unfortunately she has no place at any school so she will being homeschooled until a place comes up there. She was offered a place at Birchwood C of E but it has emerged that one of the governors has been spreading misinfomation about our situation amongst parents. The last thing I will be doing is sending my child to a school already prejudiced against us and where the governors cannot control themselves.
  7. Just to let all those interested the blog has been updated. I think the last two entries are of particular interest, but then I will be biased! http://thefightforlittleschool.blogspot.com
  8. We only live 0.88 miles away the kids can walk it, it takes about 20/25 mins dependng on how much they dawdle lol. The furthest allocation was 0.76 miles. The class is full because they can't contravene the class size law. But ourissue is that Lily should have been on the list on medical ahead of proximity and therefore in the school. But the council never gave us any information or opportunity to inform them of this when our circumstnces changed. Qualifying measures would have to be taken in 2011, if no child drops out that is in this school year. They have told us that no minutes were taken. I do think that is an utter joke to be honest every meeting I attend no matter how informal from PTA to NHS all have minutes taken! Something this important should have been recorded with minutes.... and yes we did attend to put our case forward
  9. Hi dizzy Lily was refused on proximity but our problem is that our circumstances changed between submitting our application in Nov nd allocation of places in Jan, but the councl haveno system for this in place...or if they do they are not letting parents know about it. And I know because I still have every scrap of literature that was sent out to parents on how to make an 'informed decision' So technically Lily should be in that school becuse she would have been registered as medical not proximity if that makes sense. As well as all the other stuff in the blog lol I know it is a long winded read! It has just come out yesterday too that they did not bother to take minutes at the appeal hearing as it is not the done thing! So we have no official record of the meeting! We requested the minutes to contest what was said but obviously there is no record of what was said now...
  10. Only if I speak of them in a defamotary manner. I think you will find the names are mentioned for factual reference, not in a derogatory way, and are a matter of public record anyway on the Warrington.gov website.
  11. I agree Gary it only takes one person who cn help us to read this, I am not even bothered about how many replies I get, its the reading and spreading the word that counts
  12. Unfortunately they don't think we qualify for legal aid because we are not on benefits etc so we will have to pay any costs ourselves
  13. Nothing really yet, apart from they thought we had a case they would take on...They took all the case details yesterday from us said they would pass it on to their education and human rights law specialists and hopefully get back to us by Monday, so we are still waiting about on that one.
  14. Thankyou Bill and I am sorry you have suffered at the hands of the council too. The support is enough to keep us on fighting, and I also want people to know, this might be them one day too, in this same situation and this sort of thing is going on all the time and the council have done their best to mke us go away. I have a great sense of community pride, I love my neighbours and friends and am proud to be from Warrington, but this has shaken my faith in my hometown to the core, I feel all my hard work was for selfish people.....not the community, the people are wonderful, but the people who are supposed to RUN our community are making a shambles of it.
  15. Thanks Gary, I just don't know where else to turn this obviously could happen to any child in Warrington and I think the council do not want people to be awre of this...I mean they say certain circumstances....but looking at our circumstnces I just don't know how bad things would have to get before that would come into play, when will they say enough is enough? I have already contcted both MP's for Warrington, I know Helen Jones is my MP (Living in Birchwood) but I thought this is an overall education issue in Warrington so it won't harm to make both aware. So far Helen Jones has offered her support, writing to the council asking for the case to be looked at again. I will be blogging again later today to say how, come September, this will have an impact on another area in Warrington if I am forced to homeschool Lily, having to give up my work with victims of Pregnancy and infant loss in Warrington. Thanks again for reading!
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