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  1. HAHHAHHH LOL !!! talk about havin filled ones pants! so now I'm guessing your about 13-15 years old, using your computer at home and have realised that which bazj said of the IP tracking...could actualy work if the police bothered to follow it up, and your probably not going to visit this site again for a while in terror.. better whipe your PC to as once theyre at your house the history can be checked. what else have you done? and even if you realy are not him, now you have confessed you know who it is, once they find you you will be forced to give details otherwise your aiding and abbeting...far more seroius a crime. LOL! i did not fill my pants when i read the ip tracking part do you really think i would be so stupid to use my home computer and even then not to change the ip address of the pc im using........ i am not grimstone....... all i was trying to do was get him caught but people like you get involved and start chatting crap... the police can thank you for not catching grimstone
  2. i am not actually grimstone i just know who he is and i don't like him
  3. no il have bright blonde hair and a green stretcher
  4. il be in town today joining in the festiveties see if you can spot me..........
  5. i will not be caught, my next plan is to do a lovely big piece involving a 6ft tall two headed monster which i got from wilderspool causeway, on top of martins news agents holding a sign saying hello my name is grim please look out for it then comment, p.s. the grim and grimstone tags near the market and asco and in the abandoned cabinet works is nothing compared to the future when i team up with wolf pack.........
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