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  1. "...the "I want it & I want it now" generation" There's no such thing. You just made it up. Sour grapes 'cos you didn't get your hoped for Tory landslide.
  2. It's a Brexit Backlash! Meanwhile, May hoping for 'constructive relationship' with creationist homophobes who think Pope is Satan http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/tories-hoping-for-constructive-relationship-with-creationist-homophobes-who-think-pope-is-satan-20170609129202
  3. "...to salvage some credibility" Think that needs a time machine and a bigger bolt on the stable door.
  4. I was so I'm delighted for Mr Rashid. Well done to all those who made the difference, particularly any young, first time voters.
  5. I'll be more specific, what does/did it mean to you? And, did it have any influence on the way you voted (assuming you did)?
  6. Nor does it say the £350m will be spent on developing beetle drives for the diasporic Faroe community in Wales.. So that's fine then. It's a schoolboy con trick and you're defending it: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/24/nigel-farage-350-million-pledge-to-fund-the-nhs-was-a-mistake/
  7. So, what do people think the intended perception was supposed to be? Or was it, ultimately, meaningless? What was it saying?
  8. I think he means that the early exit polls suggest a hung parliament. Long night to go though.
  9. Labour made a so-called song and dance over the dementia tax because it was unfair and lacked detail around figures, it's what I'd expect him to do. Do you think it was a good idea? Oh, and be careful what you say about Abbot: https://skwawkbox.org/2017/06/04/may-reported-to-police-for-abbott-comment-electoral-breach-ge17-bbcqt/
  10. Jeering eh? Sounds like a typical day in the commons. If some of the audience were Labour supporters, that would be representative of the populace wouldn't it? You're fond of using the term "snowflake" as an insult, and as an instant argument winner, is that what Amber Rudd is? Or you?
  11. Kudos to the police at the London incident (and everyone else there, by all accounts), they jumped on it quickly and were ready and alert enough to do so. The defiant response from the people in both Manchester and London - and the wider UK - has been exemplary. There was one chant heard at a recent event in Manchester that included the line "f*^k ISIS up the arse". That's the kind of attitude we need here, not some kind of Yellow Peril bollocks.
  12. "Nothing wrong with a secular society..." I agree. "merely it's outward display in the public space" Y'mean, like churches? Like I said, it's tricky, and using the word "merely" doesn't make it less so.
  13. But drink driving and using a phone while driving aren't just socially unacceptable, they're illegal. Making religion illegal would be a bit tricky, as well as a bit medieval.
  14. Does this kind of stuff bother you then? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/nov/12/uk-breaks-pledge-to-become-only-g7-country-increase-fossil-fuel-subsidies Or this? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/damian-carrington-blog/2015/oct/22/hinkley-point-uk-energy-policy-is-now-hunkering-in-a-nuclear-bunker Geoff - think you may have been on your sabbatical when this discussion took place here, you might find it, er, instructive: https://tinyurl.com/ycvhqb2s
  15. Here's Trump's history on climate change: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2016/11/trump-climate-timeline I have to question the sanity of anyone who would align themselves with this fraudulent buffoon.
  16. That's what made it meaningful, nobody had to do it, but most nations believed it would be best to.
  17. How do taxes generated from green energy compare to those generated from fossil fuels and nuclear energy?
  18. Didn't watch it, for those that did, in what way do you feel it was biased? Btw, I wouldn't just take Johnson's word for it after his recent history.
  19. A defeat snatched from the jaws of victory... Well, depends which way you're looking at it really.
  20. Perhaps this suggests that the BBC have a balance to their coverage?
  21. Chutzpah is the word that springs to mind. Have to be impressed by her PR though, I mean, seems she can turn her hand to anything. You can book her as a speaker: http://www.womenspeakers.co.uk/speakerprofile/644/Sareda Dirir/ She's a serving councillor in Salford (don't know if she mentioned this in the video 'cos I couldn't bear to watch it all): https://sccdemocracy.salford.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=142 Mind you, her attendance isn't brilliant so far this year: https://sccdemocracy.salford.gov.uk/mgAttendance.aspx?UID=142 Ex teacher, journalist, superwoman.... Oh, and 50 fu... flipping thousand? http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sareda-dirira-named-as-new-deputy-police-and-crime-commissioner-for-cheshire/story-30219367-detail/story.html
  22. I'm expecting the usual mix of identikit "executive" homes and the bare minimum of social/affordable housing (the latter will all be the closest to the M62). And let's not forget, it was Kolin Dhillon of Satnam who had the housing targets in the core strategy more or less doubled when he challenged it through the courts. That affects the whole of Warrington, not just Peel Hall.
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