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  1. ...can even wipe out other nations at the touch of a button. And you think that's an "improvement"?
  2. Fgs, obs, are there no threads that you don't see as a potential soapbox to vent your particular style of bile? Oh for the days when you could use the "N" word without opprobrium, eh? Oh, and "hairbrush".
  3. Oops, try it from the first link here: https://www.google.co.uk/#q=Net+migration+falls+by+a+quarter+as+EU+citizens+leave+UK&spf=1501616419616
  4. They're not: https://www.ft.com/content/81b25aa0-4129-11e7-9d56-25f963e998b2
  5. No such thing as a "soft Brexit". You better go tell that to our crack team of negotiators 'cos it looks like that's the way they're heading.
  6. Looks like another one that's gone off half, er, cocked:
  7. "Perhaps that's why they instinctively voted the way they did?" Well, Professor Overman doesn't go as far as to say that, but what he does make clear is that a soft Brexit will be better than a hard one for all of us. Here's the study for anyone who's interested: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2017/07/27/cep-study-the-uk-areas-that-will-be-hit-most-and-least-by-brexit/
  8. Well, that's easy for you to say but did you know they're gonna call it the TarDESS and paint it PINK! Sonic Screwdrivers will be BANNED! Teh DalEks will have eyelashes, but they won't need TAMPONS 'cos they're still nails. It's truly the end of times.
  9. So yet another thread hijacked for the altright's pet "it's pc gawwn maaad" argument. No it isn't. It's a kids' programme, ffs. Get a grip.
  10. Doesn't have to be high rise, Barcelona has perhaps the highest population density in Europe yet there are few buildings over around eight storeys. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@41.3931146,2.1913569,3a,75y,200.11h,97.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sOqdhuFDfE7eSWY2flmU44Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Oh, and this:
  11. I think I'd hate to be stuck in a lift with him but Martin Lewis is pretty good on this stuff, about a quarter of the page down is a table showing the likely repayments based on expected earning: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/students/student-loans-tuition-fees-changes
  12. Why "victims" instead of victims?
  13. Anything that supports the case for green energy and carbon reduction is like water off a duck's back to you. That's because your opposition is ideological.
  14. The last time I saw this information on the HCA's own website (it may still be there but I can't find it) Ballater Drive playing fields (Mill access land) was listed as an HCA asset and was designated as a "ransom strip". Although Satnam has never owned this land, it did form part of the last planning application. As I understand it, WBC have now taken a six year lease on the playing fields, though I don't know when this runs from/to.
  15. Neither the council nor New Town have ever considered this land suitable for development, largely because of the access problem. Obviously, Satnam does. For a short period of time it was designated as Green Belt, but Satnam appealed and was successful in having it removed. I don't think sha's flying a kite, I think she's making a valid point that someone, at some point, failed in protecting public assets. I don't know how big something has to be for you to consider it large scale, but around 1200 houses rates as bigger than "small scale" in my book. "Reasonable profit" is fine if that's what the result is, but this deserves another airing here I think: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/jan/31/britain-land-housing-crisis-developers-not-building-land-banking
  16. Sorry Sid, but my question was about what Corbyn had done that was so shameful and rendered him classless, #4 describes May's actions.
  17. No I didn't, I don't really watch much telly, and, I don't particularly like it but PR has played too big a part in politics for too long, imo.
  18. So, how're the negotiations going so far then?
  19. Well said, sha. And There's still no reply to post #3.
  20. Wires crossed there Sid, Peel Holdings are nothing to do with this, it's Satnam Millenium.
  21. What exactly did he do/say then?
  22. But you can never come up with any evidence to back up your claims. That's also incredibly arrogant, you have no way of knowing this.
  23. Patronise me all you like but I'm not letting you get away with presenting your ill informed opinions as fact. And, again, watching telly isn't the same as experience.
  24. You're right that levels of unsecured debt are high, but you've no evidence that youngsters don't seem to have a problem maxing out their credit cards, you've just made that bit up. NB, I know the Tories actually won, I said they didn't get the landslide you hoped for, I'm not wrong. "Remoaners"! Hahahaha...
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