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  1. "It makes you wonder if maybe temptation in these cases could be removed by having male & female staff in different parts of an office building to avoid awkward situations." Crikey, you're serious aren't you. It's like the Islamists have won, or something.
  2. "The Cuban missile crisis, was brought about by the siting of US missiles in Turkey..." It was a bit more complicated than that.
  3. Ah, just tell and no show then, righto.
  4. "Polls suggest that over 70% of the electorate now want out of the EU..." Got a link to these polls please? A quick Google brings up these as the first hit, which seem to be saying the exact opposite, and they're pretty recent: https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/if-a-second-eu-referendum-were-held-today-how-would-you-vote/ https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/in-highsight-do-you-think-britain-was-right-or-wrong-to-vote-to-leave-the-eu/ https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/should-the-united-kingdom-remain-a-member-of-the-european-union-or-leave-the-european-union-asked-after-the-referendum/ " Liebour..." Careful, glass houses and all that.
  5. Agree with Baz here. And, good work Gary! Councillor Biggin was spot on too - these plans affect all of Warrington, don't let them make it a North vs South battle.
  6. Thanks Confused, but that's what I was getting at, nobody will put a figure on it. At one of the consultations that Satnam organised, I asked Colin Griffiths what price he considered affordable for this area and his answer was "I haven't got a clue". How can they determine how many units will be affordable if they don't know what they will cost? I know developers and planning officers usually reach an agreed number of affordables that should be built for each development, but at some point this is usually revised. I'd be interested if anyone knows of any housing developments where more social/affordable units were delivered than were agreed, but it looks like a one way street to me. Like obs said, it's social housing the country needs more of, "affordable" might seem satisfactory but there's a high percentage of these that end up in the hands of buy-to-let landlords, exacerbating the problem further: that doesn't happen with social housing. I think even May might have realised this.
  7. Which, as I suggested, is a little bit better than what us little Englanders are doing. I'm forgetting though, economics don't cut any ice do they, it's all about the ideology.
  8. "...20% are economically inactive." That compares favourably with the overall UK figure which is in the mid 20s. Less than 3% of these are registered unemployed, the overall UK figure is around 5.5%. Maybe not as scroungey as the natives eh?
  9. Well, it doesn't happen that often but I'd say obs is bang on the money here. We need shedloads of social housing - "affordable" doesn't cut it (and I've yet to meet a political type who's happy to put a figure on what's affordable) - there's plenty of houses on the market around the £130k mark that aren't moving, maybe that's because it isn't affordable to most people trying to get on the ladder. I don't think a few thousand more minimum wage jobs around here are going to change that situation.
  10. I said it was the only country in the world where this kind of thing happens "..with any kind of regularity.." Maybe you missed that bit, or maybe there's a reason that you're choosing to ignore it.
  11. Ooh, you wanna play stats? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2017/oct/02/america-mass-shootings-gun-violence "1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days: America's gun crisis"
  12. You're comparing Las Vegas with a war zone? Says it all, really.
  13. Yup, now's the right time to do absolutely nothing about gun control in the US, so don't even talk about it. This will guarantee that it will never happen again, in the only country in the world where it happens with any kind of regularity. It's what the people want.
  14. Job losses are good news now? Does weird things to people's perceptions this brexit stuff.
  15. Merkel's centre/right, right? AfD are right/right, right? You're cheering the rise of a right wing nationalist movement in Germany?
  16. Oh, and I've just noticed you've dodged yet another simple question; what are these "things" of which you speak?
  17. Not sure if this makes things better or worse than you thought: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41160596 Still, always look on the downside eh?
  18. I'm gonna ignore that request for a "list of evil deeds" because I never said there was one, but here's a few points and questions which might not quite chime with your rosy view. He didn't make billions from scratch, he was gifted by his father. He's not a very good businessman. Obama backed the police, Trump has backed racism in the police with his pardon of that Sheriff Joe fella. You think Obama's an idiot and you support Trump? "Politicians" = The Opposition and a few of your own. It's like, y'know, democracy. And this: Why do left wing liberals always feel that they have to turn human suffering into gotcha politics... Here's Trump five years ago:
  19. Sid, he's offered a $million of his own money. Well, let's see how that goes eh? https://thinkprogress.org/white-house-walks-back-trumps-promise-to-give-1-million-of-his-personal-money-to-harvey-victims-4691cf5e6dd6/ President Trump is in Texas today visiting the affected areas so that he will have first hand facts... Depends how you define "first hand" really:
  20. Heh: http://fortune.com/2017/08/30/trump-removes-flood-protection-laws-obama-houston-harvey/ Thanx Donald!
  21. That's a good one asp, I recognise the bit about the empty box.
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