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  1. Thanks for all your responses, this is a great help to our project and is providing us with good data in which to make clear conclusions of the issues. The ideas with re-using the old railway system seem to be coming up a lot, as well as the canal. The plan to do something with the old railway line does seem possible. One idea is to convert it into a road and connect it to the A49. The problem with the swing bridge is still an issue which we are aware of due to the canal still being in use (however little). What are your thoughts around this plan and any possible solutions would be welcome. Our project, once completed, will be presented to a number of local council members and town planners and therefore all your feedback and participation will have a real effect on the area.
  2. As we understand it, the main issues here are the bridge and railway line. We too saw raised these as issues when we visited latchford to carry out our own research. However, we also considered that the traffic lights and one way system coming from the lights under the railway bridge to netto and also down latchford's main shopping street could be possibly re-worked. What would be your views on this? Thank you for replying, you have already been a great help.
  3. Thank you for your reply byrdy. The idea of welding the bridge is that the canel is still in use so cannot be fixed, the other problem is that it is not at the level so that a ship can not pass under. Have you any issue of the bottle neck that occurrs at the start of latchford.
  4. Hello we are group of third year students from Manchester Met Uni. We are investigating the Latchford area in an assignment. We are working with Councillor Steven Wright and Scott Jones, Chrissie Gibson Uni lecturers. We have been asked to make an action plan to deal with the current issue in the Latchford area we are looking at the issues around transport We are interested in any ideas or thoughts of way to improve or manage the transport issue in the Latchford area. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts. Thank you for your help.
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