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  1. Well guys and gals I want to thank you all for your help in finding information on my old haunts as a child. I came here specifically to do that, NOT to discuss politics with a moronic, loony left, Marxist crank. So I will thank you all once more and bid you farewell.
  2. fine Lt, but i'm an old fashion sort of guy. I want to be ASKED FIRST by politicians. Why is that so bad? New Labour ratted on their promise of a vote on Europe. Shame on the lying traitors.
  3. Most would not need it explaining. I believe that I have made my point.
  4. Ted Heath said that joining Europe was for "trade only". He knew then that it was a lie. Now 40 years later we no longer rule our own country.
  5. What?s the difference between a girlfriend, a call girl, and a wife in the bedroom? Well, the girlfriend lies there thinking ?gosh this is wonderful?. The call girl lies there thinking ?gosh I?m making a lot of money out of this?. And the wife lies there thinking ?gosh that ceiling needs painting?.
  6. Whatever ones views are on immigration I think that it would have nice to have been ASKED by politicians BEFORE our country was changed forever.
  7. What a wonderful excuse global warming is to tax us all to the hilt.
  8. Many thanks guys, it's amazing to see a pic of the pile of rubble that I used to play about in all those years ago. Sadly, the current "shakies" pit is not the original one, that was filled in a long time ago. The recently dug shakies is about 75 yards from the old one which I fished many times before i could afford to join Warrington angling club. thanks again.
  9. Good day to all forum members Forty years ago I was in my early teens and spent every weekend with friends shooting our air rifles on what is now Sankey Valley Park. It was empty waste ground in those days apart from an old barn just about where ASDA is now. There were also the remains of an old pig sty and a pile of red brick rubble that I suppose used to be the main farm building. Fifty yards from the barn was a tiny white concrete building. I assume that this was used for storage as it was not big enough to house animals of any size. Next to the pig sty was a stagnant pond which is now
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