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  1. I have to say that the lady is not very well liked amongst the residents of Padgate/Fearnhead - irrespective of her personal tragedy the manner in which she has rundown and criticised a community where she lived for only a short time has done her little credit and as someone who has quite happily lived in the area since the mid-Sixties ( over 45 years ) I really struggle to recognise her vision of it as been blighted by gangs and crime ... Still now she has come out as a Conservative politician maybe the kid gloves will come off somewhat . Once again the Newlove story will be in the headlines and the more difficult it becomes for the community to move on . One wonders when Tim Parry will get proper recognition for his endless work on Northern Ireland .
  2. You mean tax on money you've already been taxed on? Yeah, good idea (no winking smiley) Tax on money you`ve already been taxed on ? Sounds like VAT and at least a hundred other different taxes I can mention.
  3. Aren`t we really missing the point here and rather letting the council off the hook . The report does say, and I agree, that council investment has wrongly been prioritised in the south of the town in areas like Stockton Heath and Appleton to the detriment of north Warrington. Nothing to do with Ian Marks and his cronys been from South of the water or South Warrington been a marginal parliamentary constituency of course . That`s the real story that a journalist like Gary should be pursueing instead of been some sort of cheerleader for the regime which got us into this mess ..
  4. Gary with all due respect it`s an offical Government report by the Audit commission of the performance of Council services amongst other markers - are you trying to say Ian Marks and his Lymm licking cronies are not answerable ?
  5. Five years ago it was one of the best - the beautys of having a Lib Dem controlled Council I guess ...
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/6761766/Warrington-is-ranked-at-bottom-of-Government-backed-quality-of-life-survey.html `The study highlighted the area's high unemployment, relatively low life expectancy and its poor record on child protection as key factors for its place at the bottom of the rankings` Grim ...
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