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  1. Thanks for your ideas and comments Fatshaft. Someone with the ability to think and debate?! There is a huge need to stop racers and even speeders in some areas but cushions aren't really the sensible solution. Callands folk and others hate them. As for riding over them one wheel off and one on .... the people I've spoken to haven't even thought of that as they didn't know about the damage! I didn't till I was shown it on multiple vehicles........
  2. Predatory birds which hunt indiscriminately, Eagles. Their only attributes are their size and great eyesight. Their brain is small and they only act on instinct.
  3. "We" is the team who came up with the original research posted on the unmentionable website that we can't put a link to........!!! Shame but there it is................... CK Callands cars seem to have a rough deal don't they!!
  4. Having now done a fair amount of research into this and having looked at the Institute of Advanced Driving recommendations and stuff like that, I much prefer the speed tables that lie right across the road. I actually see cars slowing down for these and therefore no damage to cars is done and it has the effect it should do on speed. These are the sort that I believe councils should use. Theoretically I belive they put the cushions in so that the emergency service vehicles can drive astride them .... don't know if that's right. In Spain they almost exclusively use the tables as calming measures and they work. One of the biggest problems is in maintaining them as the chamfered edges do tend to break up which leaves the poor motorist with a wall to fall off in some cases! What do you reckon works?
  5. Thanks Fatahaft! You are beginning to restore my faith in there being some really sensible people using this site who do care about the welfare of the people that use it. I am still seething at DS's shortsightedness tho. Yea I could have handled it better but I've not really used a forum before and neither do I had subversive tendencies. All I wanted to do was inform people and did NOT expect heavy handedness from the powers that be. I will continue to post all any relevant issues that come to my attenbtion through my website that might halp anyone reading it.... tho obviously I won't post the link!!!!! CK
  6. It's not speed humps in general. It's the speed cushion type that has been shown to cause damage. Ask the people of Callands and some other areas where there are loads of these about their tyre damage!! We have had lots of feedback on this!
  7. That's not the impression he gave me...... No only did this man remove the useful link, he also removed ALL my posts which didn't even have a link on ............. whoever he is. So if he doesn't run the site what right has he to delete requests for local information? ......... AND I do know that the people who do run the site and WW have a much higher level of credibility and common sense than this Mr Green showed. I'm frankly past caring whether anyone here avoids this damage to tyres.
  8. Right of Reply We all know Mr Green who has really stopped your members from reading this important article, don't we. And that's not me. The website concerned is only unknown to YOU not its many users. The site concerned is a non-profit making North Cheshire community site that has NOTHING to do with advertising. As a webmaster, you have assumed the right to remove an article that was posted in good faith and obeyed ALL THE REGULATIONS GOVERNING POSTING ON THIS SITE. To be consistent, you should remove all the other posts on this site that have a URL link to another site. There are at least 14 that I have read............. or are you on a crusade? There is still a defunct site, yours I believe, called "www.speakfreely" ............ I consider your reply rude and ill informed.
  9. I'm off to Warrington archives this week but specifically I'm after the history behind the pubs!!!! ...... Just fascinated by the history of pubs and inns generally. Have done a good bit of research of some pubs around cheshire in a haphazard kind of way but I now want to do it in the context of a village.....and there's no better place to start than Stockton Heath!! I heard that the Romans used to call it "the Heath" and Knutsford road was part of the old Roman Road..... Any help would be gratefully received Cheshire Kat
  10. This morning I posted about an issue I had come across and researched about serious damage being done to car tyres and car suspension by going over SPEED CUSHIONS ( a particular type of speed bump of which there are many in Warrington). I posted this because I felt it was important to other car drivers. Information on this is on the website ( link removed) Surprisingly this post seems to have been removed without explanation. I have put it on again because it WILL save money and possibly lives. If someone chooses to remove this again perhaps they would have the coutesy to let me know why. Cheshire Kat Link removed for no real reason that Bill has stated..
  11. I am searching for information on the history of the Stockton Heath area for a project I am doing. I have looked at all the stufF in local websites online but does anyone know where I could find any other sources?? I did post this this morning but for some reason it seems to have disappeared! Thanks Cheshire Kat
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