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  1. OBSERVER The points you have raised are common sense to the normal thinking person, but this is the present goverment we are dealing with, it is about time this and future governments invested in the infrastructure of this country, such as railways, canals and energy efficient schemes etc, creating much welcomed employment, instead of throwing money to the wasteful bankers, who might as well invest in on the National Lottery every Saturday. Any animosity should be directed at national government through the ballot box and not at WBC staff, majority of which work hard and conscientiously to deliver services to the community of Warrington and who are already being penalized by having their wages reduced or frozen or worse the threat of redundancy i.e. support teachers, while they see colleagues around them getting substantial wage increases and back pay from a recent pay award in other departments such as the Chief Executive Dept or Finance Dept to name a few.
  2. Totally agree, and as I've said before there should be no tax or NI paid on earnings below the minimum wage annual equivalent which I think is about ?12,000 Paul are you aware that if your partner/spouse is working and their wage is a ?penny? over the threshold for contributions and your partner or spouse is unemployed or on Jobseekers for longer than 6 months they will not receive any benefits, the only entitlement they get is a National Insurance "stamp" and I am not sure once taken off the ?Jobseekers? that they do not appear on any unemployment statistics, maybe someone can correct me and the above points?
  3. From whom The figure you quote would equate to 1500 - 2200 staff. I obviously can?t divulge where I have got my information from, I do know that quite a few employees got a letter this week (with more staff to receive letters in the coming weeks and months) explaining that their jobs are under review and they have the high possibility of being made unemployed before April 2010. The next 12 months will be very telling for the staff and services at WBC, with the government cutbacks led by which ever party is in power, we will all suffer, for those in work, unemployed or retired. [/i]
  4. From whom The figure you quote would equate to 1500 - 2200 staff. Paul 30% an exaggeration, 20% will be nearer the mark, and at least 1600 WBC employees will either lose their jobs or be asked to work less hours to claw back lost finances, for example, the recent 53% who got a wage increase with back-pay, however you can never say when you receive reliable information from.
  5. ROBOCOP Whatever you have heard, this will only be the tip of the iceberg, more employees further down the salary grade will also be loing there jobs before the financial year is over, it sounds like more jobs and services will be lost, maybe given to the private sector and then cost the council tax payer more money. I have heard that the council maybe trying to axe at least 20% - 30% of the workforce, not only affects employees but the local economy.
  6. Using the logic from the posts on this forum, all schools and businesses should be allowed to fail because of bad management, and not to be given any chance of reprieve, (the banks are a good example after being bailed out by the tax payer? and seem to be in profit?). If the school or business has new director or head teacher and they then right the wrongs of previous bad management practices by being given another chance by Ofsted to improve and then make a success, their reward for the hard work and dedication, should be to keep the school open, was not that the idea when the current head teacher took over? Then surely the schools successes would only encourage parents to send their children to one of the best schools in Warrington such as Woolston High.
  7. Paul... with Council redundacies to be announced soon, will there be anybody left to deliver the grit? eg, Wooslton Depot, Trading Standards, Environmental Health?...the list goes on
  8. I understand that the reserves are sufficient to meet the payment. Paul, as ever, your replies are quick, responsive and to the point, you must feel like a tennis player hitting back the replies from the questions from the WWW forum. I can see why you are in politics! Excellent!
  9. I understand that money has been put aside in reserves sometime ago in order to make the payment. Paul WBC must have alot of reserves, I have heard that on average employees are getting between ?1000-?1500 back pay, times by 53% of the workforce is a lot of money. I hope this will not mean any threat of redundancies?
  10. Paul thank you for your replay, as a matter of interest, with the recent pay awards to 53% of the WBC workforce will WBC have enough in reserve without making further possible redundancies or the loss of council services?
  11. Paul are WBC turning into a conservative council? This current economic climate seems to be guiding local and national government in all kinds of directions, selling things off (Walton Hall, etc) to the private sector struggling to sustain services or just cancelling them, trying to save tax payers money, yet bills keep on rising, eventually when everything is sold off, council departments privatized, what control will the councillors have of this borough and who will really be in charge at the town hall, fat cats from the private sector?...isn?t this what the conservative party wanted all along? God help us all in 2010.
  12. I enquired at this site and got a valuation of ?150,000, it is probably worth more if it went into auction? Thanks for the weblink.
  13. Aview


    Peter T, Steve the Original. Your remarks were interesting to read and noted, nice to receive a civil reply. Danke f?r Ihre Kommentare
  14. Aview


    Can you explain your comment aview? Humour is alive and kicking despite PC and alternative comedy. One thing that is not acceptable, is someone trying to start a flame war. (which I am sure that your not). If you feel that there is a problem with anyone's posts, please feel free to PM any of the moderators. Thank you Peter T for replying to my comment. I was trying to point out that insults disguised as jokes are not always acceptable to everyone, and I am sure that our neighbours, friends or family on both sides of the M62, would find such a comment/joke? Offensive? Having been a forum member for a very short while, maybe not for much longer? are there are hidden house rules that I do not know about? Or is insulting other forum members or people who are not from Warrington acceptable? Or am I being too sensitive. I too like a good joke, but it is important not to offend others, or are we heading back to the 70?s once more? Look forward to your reply with interest.
  15. According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 08/27/09 at 14:22 GMT (EST+5) is 6,780,315,386 http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/popclockworld.html Hello Paul... Is it possible that the food recourses of the future will be at a premium, and not oil drilled out of the deserts or sea, turning farmers into the new oil barons of the 21st century and beyond, producing oil and food, the security of which will become a huge problem and if the hedge funds/financial markets get involved, we could see the price rapidly increasing?
  16. Can we not exile all the self-seeking publicists from Katona, Jordan to the Beckhams on an island, then put with them the photographers, editors of newspapers and TV programmes who constantly publise their inane, pretentious vacuous dribble, then sink it!!!!!!! I feel better now!
  17. The text in the diagram is missing where it should say, make people redundant and higher community/business charges with the help of sending services out to the private sector.
  18. The Council direction seems to be privatisation route of all departments, the only people left at the Council will be the Chief Exec and Councillors. Nice light fitting!...Ikea?
  19. Paul...what I can not understand is why the USA is hell bent on making the east into a clone of the west, can't they just respect there ways, the eastern civilisation was in existance well before ours, they must be doing something right or is it down to oil once again?
  20. Now that local and national government are in dire straights (no, not the rock band), how soon will it be before you will need to purchase a computer licence? Or have I just shot myself in the foot? Reading the story about new car parking spaces at Warrington Bank Quay, will the only a matter of time that the government will be introducing office based car park charges and taxes collected from the employer or employee. Northampton Council may be introducing them in 2011.
  21. Can the last employee to leave the Council, please switch the light off!
  22. I use to have the same problem with sales calls, if you contact BT, and enquire about the TPS (Telephone Prefrence Service) your telephone number will go on to a data base that will automatically disallow businesses from cotacting you, and if they do, they are liable for a substantial fine, or just say to the caller you belong to the TPS and thay should put the phone down straight away...it is worth enquiring. Hope this is of help.
  23. Yep it was Cliff Hanger with Stalone - and I was at it! Also in the 60's and 70's around Bridge Foot when there was only one bridge, does anyone remember the pink foam drifting thru' the air after being churned by the weirs at Woolston and Howley in the River Mersey passing the old Farmers United and Castle Rubber works?.....ah the good ol' days?
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