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  1. Also one thing that has been kept very quiet in all this is a massive oil find in the Weald-basin near london, i wonder if its been kept quiet to sway the vote to stay in the EU, this politics is all a game.
  2. I'm defo on the leave view, i think its on the cards already as i'm noticing alot of big companies currently planning to move to the UK... There is Boeing and at-least two others.
  3. Open-office and Libra-office are very good works on windows and linux and best of all is free they also support and can save in Microsoft-office format
  4. I would just pop Ubuntu Linux on free and very nice to use as well as being secure any machine you can get your hand on should be able to handle it easile.
  5. Only way is to block the "domain" for example if the email address is (spam@spammingco.com) then block the spammingco.com domain rather than just the user name "spam".. one pice of advise i will offer is: if you have face-book or any other social-media remove your contact info as any-one that knows you should already have this. Hope this helps
  6. My view is out, the amount of money we pay to be in the EU could be far better used elsewhere
  7. I have to agree to that Dizzy.
  8. Alot of the problem these days is people are drinking less in general and not to mention the added tax on alchohol. I have been out recently and for a small bottle "330ml" it was arround £4.80, at these prices no wonder pubs are going out of business.
  9. I have to say not a bad idea, i used to use Neon lights on the underside of the bike to be visible from the side. if it works would be interesting to see in the real world, tho i do wonder about the Solubility in rain and what would happen if you have like a hat in the washing-machine as shown in the video.
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