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  1. Origional report Mike McCrory said A good response by the government to spend money on the causes and solutions of anti-soicial behaviour, but should'nt the victims also be considered in the way of improved help, assitance and financial compensation to help them recover from a traumatic act of violence or burglary?
  2. Origional Report Mike said So putting out too many bags of paper for recycling is now a criminal offence. It would seem that Lesley has been the victim of green fascism. Oh and I would expect that a local "newspaper" would actually check a street name? Avenue? Not on any map I have seen of the area. Bill said Isn?t it time to say stop here because this is all wrong. When I went to school, fly tipping was the criminal act of dumping rubbish in a country lane, not putting waste outside your own home for recycling. Who gives these people the right to change the definition of fly tipping and make the act of simply putting your own rubbish out for collection into a criminal offence?
  3. Origional article Peter Turner said this. I hope that the Highways Department have got their plans in the pipeline to deal with the increase in traffic. Baz said this Of course they have Peter.... they'll stick more traffic lights in like they do everywhere else in the town!![/url]
  4. P.Brooks at 15 May 2009 1:31:34 AM BST P.Brooks ( Author) said this on 15 May 2009 1:31:34 AM BST How much money needs to be wasted on Bridge St and the ajoining area? The Skittles were the biggest waste of money, then the re-doing of the street where the bombings acured. Put the back the way it was and encourage people to shop in town center again
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