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  1. Evils, I had the same yet it still posted the reply. Ian
  2. Well done Joey and the team for getting us where we are today. A dissapointing result last night but a brilliant performance from the team as a whole. All the team showed true grit and determination, some unfortunate decisions by the referee cost us that game. If we can maintain this spirit and perform as we did last night the play offs are ours to take. Well done to all who contributed to a fantastic performance. Come on you Yellows. Ian
  3. Diz, Unfortunately Obs is quite right and they are only interested in capturing new business not nurturing their existing business. Its`s quite often that the new users often get better deals than existing customers and existing customers are not entitled to the better deals. Ian
  4. From what you say Gary one can only agree with your final comment. Ian
  5. Yes but goal difference counts. We could also be saying If we hadn`t dropped 3 points early in the season look where we`d be. Incidently noticed on the Evostick website that 3 clubs have been deducted points in our division for "Ineligible Player" yet ourselves and Ossett were deducted 3 points But Durham only 1 point. Can anyone tell me how that works, surely deductions for the same offence should be the same. Ian
  6. Unfortunately Skem got a win so Town lie 6th in the table now. Real good chance for the boys to push on for the playoffs. Ian
  7. Great performance by the team. Outplayed them with 10 men for most of the match. Well done boys. Anyone got the result of Skems match? Ian
  8. I`ll have a word with your Mum and tell her to up the Bromide in your tea.
  9. Your hormones playing up again Shareza
  10. I have an old digital Kodak (4Mp) camera and I mean old. What I find surprising is that my old camera takes a lithium rechargeable battery but can also take normal AA size batteries as standby for when the rechargeable battery runs out of power. Would have thought most modern cameras would have this ability or has technology gone backwards. Ian
  11. It tends to be 50 - 50 between Warrington and on line so I voted the other. Ian
  12. A good result for town but as insider says we missed far too many opportunities. At least five one on one scenarios where we just couldnt finish it off. We`ll need to improve our finishing if we want to make the play offs. At least its another 3 points in the bag though. Keep up the winning streak. Ian
  13. Do we know if the game is definately on or not yet. Would imagine the thaw means theres a good chance of playing providing Skem dont have there own little micro-climate. Need an injection of footie to get me over these withdrawl symptoms. Ian
  14. Ian

    World Cup?

    And Qatar for 2022. No point getting through the qualifiers for that one. We`d never survive the temperatures.
  15. Has anybody any idea as to when confirmation that tonights match will go ahead. Thanks Ian
  16. Shareza, I`ll be going Monday so you`ll have your lift if wanted. Ian
  17. Only because you went watching some old pop group trying to relive your youth no doubt. Ian
  18. Well it`s 7 oclock, no need to get wrapped up tonight. What am I going to do with myself tonight? I`m getting withdrawl symptoms already and theres no match Saturday either, I`ll be a dithering wreck by the time Monday comes round. Ian
  19. Not always Harry, you should go round some of the car parks round here and in Lymm.... touch one white line in a bay with your wheel and the blueblooles ounce and you are 'nicked'. Extra keen on the white lines in car parks then totally ignore all those that park on the double yellows in Lymm village itself, its an absolue joke. Went through there the other night about 7pm. Cars parked everywhere on double yellows and 2 CSPO`s stood on the corner next to Bacci`s totally ignoring the fact. Ian
  20. Thanks Dizzy. Always wondered why it never showed as others did. Ian
  21. Shareeza, Theres celebration and celebration after scoring a goal but the way you celebrated in taunting the opposing fans,was lucky they only spat at you. Ian Perhaps they need a little bit of adult supervision Ian too noisy down that end for me Gary Ian
  22. Shareeza, Theres celebration and celebration after scoring a goal but the way you celebrated in taunting the opposing fans,was lucky they only spat at you. Ian
  23. Humble pie eaten - Chorley are a top team - but don't be too deluded as they rested a few of their better players for the big FA Trophy game on Saturday and played a reserve keeper Respect to you Insider. It was an enjoyable game to watch, credit to both teams, end to end football with both teams creating chances. With Warrington the underdogs on recent form I would of been happy to come away with a draw, but as lady luck had it we managed to scrape a win. Certainly not deluded, but if we do continue to play as we did against Chorley theres every chance of making the play offs. Ian
  24. Its good to see how both Halifax and Colwyn Bay are doing in the Premier Division. Just goes to show the gulf between the North and Premier divisions isnt as vast as one would think. Gives hope to all teams of lower divisions. Ian
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