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  1. Hi Insider. As true fans there is always hope of the play offs while it is still mathematically possible. We got off to a bad start to the season with a number of results going against us which we should have or would be expected to win. There has been a lot of change to the squad during the closed season and it takes time for a team to gel. I`ve seen a huge improvement since the start of the season in both playing as a team and the tactics applied which is starting to show benefits. We`re only 6 points off the play offs, so as to your original question, Yes there is still hope in acheiving the play offs, whether we`re good enough to beat the other teams in the play offs is another matter, but as a fan one always has hope. If you attend the matches make yourself known, I`m always behind the team dug out and up for a chat on the teams performance on the day whether good or bad. We dont bite. BR Ian
  2. Hi Gary, Will be there but not sure about the boys. Heres hoping for a win. Ian
  3. Just want to wish Joey and the Team good luck for this evenings match with Trafford. Lets hope we stick with our winning ways. I`ll be there to cheer them on. Come on Town. Ian
  4. Yes, I`m having the same sort of delays as Dizzy and Bill this afternoon. Didnt have these delays this morning though. Ian
  5. Eagle, Somehow I think the humour was lost on some. Nice one though.
  6. On one hand encouraging people to pay off their debts while the other hand forces students to take on excessive debt for their further education. Hypocritical really dont you think. Ian
  7. Took my son and his friend to watch a match a couple of years ago, enjoyed the game and the atmosphere so much we are now regular season ticket holders. Attend most matches home and away, although a bit awkward on Tuesday nights for long distance away matches. Seems a lot more personal getting up close to the football, players and management than any premiership games I`ve been to, much more enjoable. Look forward to match days and get very dissapointed when other commitments get in the way. Ian
  8. Any news if the match is on or off yet. Ian
  9. From what the report indicates in the news section it`s Sam`s wish to leave the club. In my opinion probably the best player at the club in terms of skill, passion and effort. Unfortunately that same passion can also appear in bursts of temper and aggression at times which can be costly to the team as a whole in any match. Providing the aggresive side of the passion can be curbed/managed he will go far in his footballing carrer in my opinion. He will be surely missed by both the team and fans alike, and I wish him every success in taking his career that step further. All the best Sam. Ian
  10. I`ll be there to cheer the lads on. Come on Town Ian
  11. In fairness Town didn`t play as badly as the result would indicate. Thought the only difference between the teams was that Skem were able to finish of their chances at goal rather better than Town could. Sam Finley had a cracking game, as usual giving 110% into everything he did. Showed some great footballing skills in middle of the park. It is still early days, but not a good start to the season for Town. I fear as others do that unless we get a couple of strikers in that can finish the job and get the ball in the net, we will struggle this season. Ian
  12. Hope the paperwork is in place. Cant afford the loss of 3 points again. Ian
  13. Good start to the season but first half was a poor show by Town and were trailing 1-0 at half time. Whatever Joey said at half time worked a treat, same players out but a different team to boot. Took the match from Salford and turned them over 5-1. Great performance in the 2nd half, well done to all the team. Ian
  14. One of the best films I`ve ever seen is White Squall with Geff Bridges, if you`ve never seen it, it`s definately worth a watch. Ian
  15. Hi Insider, I`ll be going and have a spare seat in my car if your really interested in going to the Salford game. You may get to see if Gavin actually does manage to score against us. Let me know if you need a lift. Ian
  16. I don`t support or follow either of the Manchester Teams although I would like City to get their chance, but in all honesty I can`t see any other team getting it other than United. Ian
  17. Gary, my E Mail address has not changed in years and I always check my spam folder as a matter of course. Never received your E Mail. Ian
  18. Was that because the poster has a split personality PJ.
  19. It will be interesting to see if there has been much change to the team in the closed season. I have to agree that Salmon will not be missed even if he was leading scorer, he was lazy and got caught offside far too often. Looking forward to the start of the season but unfortunately will miss out on the friendlies as wll be on holiday.
  20. Well i`m not a prolific poster but certainly have more than 10 posts and didnt get one that I can recall.
  21. Okay, with that little clue I`d have a stab at Skent without the glasses for No 8. No 4 I think could be Nelson Mandella.
  22. Think No 1 is the Queen, No 3 Prince Charles and No 13 Tony Blair. That was first thoughts need to study further to get any more.
  23. Ian

    20 mph

    Hi Diz, Interesting facts there but how come Wilderspool Causeway has 2 entries with differing sets of data? Ian
  24. Dizzy, I have a gas one which I find good. Has 3 seperate burners which I find very useful. 2 grills that I can use at different temperatures if needed plus a griddle which is ideal for sausages and alike which tend to be fatty and cause huge flames over a normal grill. Dont forget its traditionally the blokes job to Barbie as long as there is a good supply of beer.
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