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  1. Think he meant Simon. I believe it can be an age thing.
  2. Well, I take it all back, it was a relatively easy win, Town played with such vigour and energy it was really pleasing to watch, Radcliffe wern`t even in it until the latter 20 minutes after Town had made some changes. Well done Town keep up the good work. Ian
  3. I`m expecting a win but dont think it will be as easy as 3 - 1. Looking forward to the match as I`ve had to miss the last two. Ian
  4. I agree with Adrian, I`m nervous about this one, think it will be a close game, hope the lads can pull it out of the bag and get a win. It`s to be hoped theres a big show of the Barmy Army to give the lads support and cheer them on. Heres hoping. Ian
  5. Well done to Joey and the team. Well deserved for recent performances. Ian
  6. Stepladders maybe me thinks
  7. Give us a chance Diz. It was Lee that spun on a sixpence to score the first, a great goal. He will be a big loss for the remainder of the season and I wish Lee a speedy and successful recovery. Ian
  8. Looking at that photo with the report I would have to question whether he got that high legally. Head and shoulders above the rest. Ian
  9. The team played well, Lee`s goal was an absolute cracker, glad that Gavin was able to net one on his return debute as well. Wasn`t sure how this was going to go before kick off but didn`t think Bamber actually threatened us that much in the end. Well done to Joey and the team, keep the momentum going for Saturday. Ian
  10. £150000 would be a nice little earner eh Wolfie
  11. Think you may have the logic slightly wrong there Asp. If your personal allowance is £7500 then your entitled to earn that amount before paying tax. So agreed that the person earning £15000 a year is paying tax on 50% of his earnings but the guy earning £45000 and also having an allowance of £7500 would be paying tax on £37500 which equates to 83.3% of his income not 20% as you suggest.
  12. I don`t get the joke as it stands without interpreting it with the meaning of said `Pearl Necklace`. Perhaps I need to get out of the gutter. Ian
  13. I was unable to make last nights match, sounds like I missed a great performance. Well done to Joey and the boys, keep the good work up Ian
  14. On a totally selfish note I`m hoping the games off as I can`t make it this Saturday. When the game does take place I would hope that it`s a fairly easy win for town. Finger crossed on both. Ian
  15. A good result for the boys despite some dubious refereeing decisions. Well done to all. Ian
  16. Well the Evostick website still shows it as on, what time are we likely to be advised if it`s off? Dont fancy a wasted trip for me and the boy`s. Ian
  17. Apparently not, they`re sending one of the new type destroyers down to patrol around the Falklands. Just flexing our muscles!!!!!!!!! Ian
  18. I think Nick is growing in confidence and in time will be a good attacking mid fielder for us. I also think one of our players that doesnt get the praise he deserves is Kyle, last few matches I`ve watched he`s certainly impressed and I thought against Salford he did a great job for us and was key to our winning the game. Keep up the good work lads. Ian
  19. Glad I didnt marry a Scotts lass then
  20. The result of this match will be a good guide to the true ability of the team, unlike the 5-0 demolition of Camelairds where it was the better of two poor performances that took the points. I believe young Sam should be back for this one. Unfortunately I can`t make this game but wish Sam and all the team the best of luck for this game. Lets show them how we really can play, pass the ball to feet and use the teams individuals skills to win the game, we have a lot of players with strong determination and exceptional speed, lets not play hoofball to the shortest strikeforce in the league. Good luck lads, all the best, Ian
  21. Dizzy, my son who is in a similar position to your own looking to arrange his theory test told me last night that his friend recently did his theory test at Sale. Unfortunately I dont have any more detail than that but will try and find out for you. BR Ian
  22. The team can hold their heads high, a great performance and unlucky not to pinch a win. Keep it up boys. Ian
  23. Salmon and Evo (The non-league Shrek and Donkey...?) or Gahgan, Hendo and Thommo? Personally I think our strike force has greatly improved since playing Hickey up front. I`ve always liked Hickey for his work effort and committment when in midfield, but since placing him up front my admiration of him as a player has grown even more, I would like to see him played up there more often, never gives up the chase, not like others we`ve had in that position. Ian
  24. Cant think of the pub name but is it the one that stands just outside the Church entrance in Culcheth? Edit : Possibly the Pack Horse Inn without its current extension.
  25. Only know Pieman to say hello to in passing, as I said I tend to stand behind the dug out not behind the goal. Barmy Army are far too noisy and boisterous for my liking. So if you attend the occasional match and follow the reports, whats your thought of the team reaching the play offs? BR Ian
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