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  1. Agreed Peter, as I said the Ref had a shocker of a match but we need to be better than that. As I said I am normally able to see some positives from a game even if we lose but I saw nothing positive from that display. I enjoyed the game against Colwyn Bay even though we lost but there was positive spirit from the team once they scored the penalty. What I did see at Colwyn which we dont have at Town and I witnessed during the warm up session was they had at least half a dozen guys that could really strike a ball from distance on target. We seem to have to get the ball into the box before anyone is prepared to have a shot and as I said earlier by that time there is sufficient defenders around the player to block or tackle, when I have seen our players have a shot from the egde of the box the shot is week and no problem to the average goalie. As I said very dissapointed with the performance, and if things don`t improve can`t see me making the effort to travel to all the away games. Will stick to the home games seeing as I`ve paid for my season ticket. Ian
  2. Well that was a wasted trip. I`m usually able to find some positives from a match whether we win or lose, but to be honest yesterday was a very poor performance. I cant even recall an attempt at goal from Town whether on target or not. Whereas Clitheroe scored 2 and hit the woodwork 3 times, had 2 cleared of the line by young Phil. I suppose the only positive was that we were very fortunate not to lose by 5/6. The performance yesterday is definately not of a team that could go forward to win the league or even make the playoffs. Agreed the Ref had a shocking game but the players have to have discipline, they can`t abuse the Ref and not expect a red. When decisions go against us we need to knuckle down, use the footballing skills that we know the players have and go on to win games despite the refereeing decisions. Still feel we need a couple of players that can strike a ball and score goals from a distance rather than trying to dribble the ball into the box by which time defenders are all over us. Sorry for the rant but very dissapointed fan yesterday. Ian
  3. I`ll be there, unfortunately on my lonesome today, no boys. Ian
  4. If any loyal supporters have no means of getting there now I have 2 free seats in the car. No cost as I`m going anyway. Let me know by 10 am tomorrow and I`ll pick you up at the club at 1.00pm. Ian
  5. Gary, Cruel not to give the result!!!!!!!!! Town 6 - 1 New Mills. Great result and well done the Town.
  6. WW97, A number of players that played in the Stoke match were missing from last nights game. Kinsella and Rob Hardwick to mention just two. Very dissapointing performance last night and one that wont get us to the play offs in a hurry. Agree with Adrian that it did improve when they added 5 off the bench but a total contrast to the performance I witnessed against Stoke. Hoping for better things when the league matches start. Ian
  7. Its to be hoped for Insider. Perhaps with a successfull free flowing football team you may visit the Field of Dreams more often.
  8. Was hard to tell from the first two friendlies, lots of players, lots of changes, some good skill sets but hard to determine how they would gell as a squad. Last nights game was totally different, flowing football with individuals gelling well, have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how well they played as a team considering the short time they`ve been together as a squad, this can only improve through the season. Great game last night, result was good but the added bonus was the football was enjoyable to watch. Kinsella showed flare, determination and imagination in midfield, and I highly rate the right back No 18 who came on in the 2nd half, Impressed me in the earlier friendlies, dissappointed that he didn`t make the starting 11, appears to have a good footballing brain and the skills to go with it. I would have to question the fitness of that No 17 who came on in the 2nd half, some short bursts of speed but no stamina
  9. Ian

    Thank you

    Tommo, Wish you all the best whichever path you choose. Many thanks for your excellent leadership in the past. Ian
  10. Blimey, sounds like its becoming a bit of a dodgy area to live in with all this crime going on. Take care Diz. Its getting as bad as Lymm.
  11. WW97. Try viewing life as your glass being half full rather than half empty all the time and you may find other posters less reactive . BR Ian
  12. To be totally honest Woody with no offence meant I would of thought that any answers that the fans may have will have been answered on the pitch long before the 11th August. Decisions made in the boardroom should stay in the boardroom, at the end of the day its the board that run the club, the fans are there to support it. As a Newcastle fan I learnt that some time ago with Mike Ashleys running of the club, may not be what the fans wanted but now being hailed as the correct way to run a club by some of the sporting punddits. As I said no offence intended but let the Management team manage and the supporters support. BR Ian
  13. Any news on the new players yet? I suspect they`ll probably be ex Prescot players that have followed the manager. Would benefit us if they were strikers as I believe thats what we need right now, players that can find the net. Unfortunately can`t make the Durham match but wish the team and new Manager the best of luck. BR Ian
  14. Thanks Burgerman. It`s noted in my diary. Ian
  15. Burgerman, When`s the next scheduled meeting of the Supporters Club. If i can, I`ll pop along to see if I can be of any help. BR Ian
  16. Seems like he`s bringing a couple of players with him and hopes of another two, one being a former full time professional returning from injury. Agreed its good that the club have acted quickly in resolving this and although I for one fully supported Joey it`s now a new chapter and time for the supporters to rally and get behind the new man and the team. BR Ian
  17. Shaz. What further incentive is required other than working with like minded people who want to see the club prosper and develop. BR Ian ps Carry on and you could be in the same layby as WW97
  18. I wouldn`t be as cruel as that.
  19. WW97. Looks like your right on the manager front, 3 months experience with Prescot. Rumour had it he was in for the Managers job at Rochdale some time ago but lost out to Steve Parkin. He has coached at Swindon Town and Plymouth Argyle, scouted for Sunderland and acted as a football agent. He may not have a wealth of Managerial experience but everyone has to start somewhere. As said before, his contacts are probably his best assett and if he is appointed lets just get behind him and the team and give our full support. BR Ian
  20. WW97. The main focus of the supporters club is to raise funds for the club, not detract them. Personally from what I`ve read when the club do run a coach to an away game the pricing always seems very reasonable. I dont use it myself as prefer to get off after the match rather than hang around waiting for the team. I go to most away matches, if your ever stuck for a lift drop me a pm. BR Ian
  21. WW97, Only reporting whats in the news article on the WWW News page. It`s to be hoped that whoever succeeds Joey and Stu is of the calibre necessary to take us to the next level. Ian
  22. And inundated with a large number of high calibre applications. Hope we`re able to steady this ship earlier rather than later. Ian
  23. Wish Rick all the best of luck in managing the team on Saturday. I`ll still be there giving my support as usual. Ian
  24. Duffy and River according to the news page today
  25. Don`t know what to say. Wish Joey and Stu the very best for the future whatever path they choose. Good luck Ian
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