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  1. I`m told caps don't suit me Wolfie
  2. Wolfie, I`m not hounding the Lt, I`ve made one comment stating in my opinion he is bang out of order on this one. Ian
  3. No Lt, no need to apologise for your dislike of the BNP but bang out of order with how you have hounded Algy on this matter even though he has repeatedly stated his ignorance of the link and stated his non agreement with their policies. Ian
  4. Your quite right insider. The team that wanted it more won on the night. Thats all that can be said I`m afraid. Ian
  5. Excellent, I`ll have to wrap up warm tonight. To keep up with my predictions, fingers crossed for another win. Ian
  6. Any news on the pitch? Is tonights game likely to be called off or not? Ian
  7. I agree with that Peter providing we can keep the team together in the closed season. Ian
  8. We can live in hope Peter, Even with straight wins to the end of the season we will still be in the lap of the gods with teams above us having games in hand as to the playoffs. All we can do as fans is get behind the team. Ian
  9. 9 fixtures to go as listed, I see 21 points from these, your thoughts Last 5 Games Points W D L Sat 16th March 13 Warrington Town vs Salford City (14) 2 1 2 3 Tue 26th March 2013 Warrington Town vs Burscough (11) 3 1 1 3 Sat 30th March 2013 Warrington Town vs Clitheroe (3) 3 1 1 1 Mon 1st April 2013 Cammell Laird (7) vs Warrington Town 4 0 1 1 Sat 6th April 2013 Warrington Town vs Ramsbottom United (2) 4 0 1 1 Tue 9th April 2013 Ossett Albion (21) vs Warrington Town 0 2 3 3 Sat 13th April 2013 Harrogate Railway Athletic (15) vs Warrington Town 2 2 1 3 Sat 20th April 2013 Garforth Town (22) vs Warrington Town 1 0 4 3 Sat 27th April 2013 Farsley FC (12) vs Warrington Town 0 2 3 3 Sorry not sure how this table will work but think you should get the gist of it. So are those realistic or pie in the sky dreams? Ian
  10. There goes my imagination again. Must take a closer look when I`m next in the old fish market. Ian
  11. I seem to recall seeing the forementioned built into the walls around the fish market. Although it may be my imagination playing games with me, I tend to recall they have a slightly green tarnish to them. Ian
  12. Our new signing John Hardiker has left before playing a game.
  13. Great performance by Town for the first half, Trafford struggled to get out of their own half. A 2-0 lead at half time after a strong performance, great, what do we do then, we make tactical changes and sit back to defend the lead inviting Trafford to come at us instead of looking to kill off the opposition with attacking football. Once Trafford scored their tails were up and with memories of earlier in the week still fresh in everyones minds it proved to be a positive for Trafford but negative for Town leaking another two goals and throwing the 3 points as a result. Ian
  14. What a difference a game makes eh Robocop. Only a few days ago we were the fickle fans and you couldn`t believe the negativity. Have you seen the light now. Ian
  15. Emotions have been pretty low all season to be honest with an overview of the performances to date. Objectives that were set at the start of the season with the new management and new team havn`t materialised at all. And still no stability with the team with new signings taking place almost weekly. Peter, can you honestly hand on heart say you`ve been pleased with this season`s performance to date. Ian
  16. Okay, maths a little poor last night Lost 3 won 5 and drawn 7, we need more wins if we are to aspire to the play offs this season. Lets see where we`re at by christmas then and my glass may be a little more full than empty Ian
  17. Hi Insider, Come to play with the woodworm then, didn`t think it would be long before you came along after that drumming . In all honesty there hasn`t been a lot to chat about this season on the forum, all pretty mediocre really, a couple of good wins but other than that nothing to shout about. Last nights performance however needed to be voiced. I think you may have a valid point on the mercenary view, they don`t come across as passionate for the shirt and theres an awful lot of bickering between team members rather than encouragement. Have you been to many of the games this season? Ian
  18. Robocop, were you at last nights match? I`m not a fickle fan and not likely to start following a different team any time soon. But if you did watch last nights performance and believe it to be a team that can reach the playoffs then I feel you are a tad deluded. Yes, we`ve had a couple of good wins and yes we had a string of unbeaten games but it`s wins that we require not draws if we want to reach the play offs. Talking of which, 8th and a couple of wins off the playoffs yes, but a number of teams both above us and below us with 2/3 games in hand on us. We need to win the next 3 games just to stay in contention, not to reach the playoffs. We are half way through the season and there is no stability or harmony with the team, player changes and players playing out of position, I can only see this continuing over the next few weeks with the introduction of the 2 new signings from Stockport County, can`t see them being used to warm the bench. Teams need time to gel and understand one another, this team has had neither and we`re half way into the season. I hope for positive results over the next few games but our ability to reach the play offs at the moment is in the hands of others and not our own. Ian
  19. From last nights experience I would say Runcorn already have a good following of supporters, even at an away match. I personally need to see a much improved performance from Town if I`m to continue following them to the away matches. Not so bad at home, season tickets already paid for but there is a cost associated with away matches that I`m not sure is currently worth the entertainment value. Ian
  20. Is what I heard at the match last night true, the game against Garforth will be held at our ground? No mention of it on the Evo-stik website. Ian
  21. Very dissapointing game. Like long John says we were played off the park by a far better team that had the passion to win and were proud of the shirt they wore. Our current performances will get us no where near the play offs this season. Ian
  22. Eight matches without a win!!!!!!. Can see a few more fans dropping off never mind increasing. Last two matches drawn after taking early leads, both of which report plenty of chances, chances have to be converted to keep the fans coming. Ian
  23. I find it hard to believe they didn`t notice till 4am. Think that is just a line for their mangement hoping to save their jobs. The fact that everyone is queuing for the same pump and the drastic drop in money paid over, sorry I don`t buy the `didn`t realise until 4am` line. Wouldn`t mind betting they were the first to be texting their family and friends of the blunder.
  24. Totally agree Peter, and it`s needed now if we`re to progress and have any chance of the playoffs. Strangely enough I can on recall one player who had a decent shot from distance, that was Rob Hardwick, yet I dont even know whether he is still in the squad, not seen him for a while. Ian
  25. I`ll be going. This will be a true test of the teams ability and a good indication as to whether we have the skill and determination to proceed to the next level. Ian
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