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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks, my lad is 14 and unfortunately like you has a passion for Wigan against all the advice and bribery I have offered. My youngest is 7 but I dont think I`d bring him along yet, he`s already learning the 2 fingered salute from school quick enough without introducing him to the verbal side of it as well. Plus he`d lose interest too quickly which would then spoil my enjoyment of the game. Thanks Woody, may well pop along to that, they seem to be having a good spell at the moment. Is there an entrance fee for the reserves matches. Cheers Ian
  2. Just to introduce myself and congratulate the team on a great win. Have been to the last 2 home matches with my lad and will be an avid follower from now. Bring on Woodley. See you all Tuesday. Ian
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