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  1. They were on around 5 yesterday, perhaps they're part-time. I turned off the A49 on to Cromwell Avenue to be faced with a queue caused by someone who had stopped because he could see a red light (the filter to turn right) but couldn't see the green light giving him permission to carry on straight ahead. And the queue towards LA Bowl was backed up to Ikea again. R
  2. These lights were on last night and the right turn out of Calver Road is no longer possible. When I drove along Cromwell Avenue last night at around 5.15 there seemed to be a queue of slow moving traffic towards LA Bowl from at least the Ikea roundabout. Maybe it's always like that around then and I don't normally notice it. Don't know how far the queue for the Asda lights stretched back as I turned into Twenty Acre Road, but it looked long. R
  3. When I got back there tonight there were new signs up for APCOA. Same price (?2.60) for a day. No machines yet but signs for the machines are there. Looking at the APCOA website, it looks like they manage car parks for other people. There's a link on their website 'Easy way to pay your penalty notice' which links through to the WBC website. A coincidence perhaps. I guess the free parking will end shortly. Was nice while it lasted. R
  4. Just arrived home. No ticket or clamp on the car. I'd emailed NCP earlier and their reply was here when I got back, they no longer own the land and advise contacting the local council. There's no signage whatsoever as far as I could see - though it was dark when I got back there - even the P sign has gone from Tanners Lane. I hope it's going to remain open for parking, the station car park can't take any more cars. R
  5. So I've been parking recently on the NCP car park that occupies the waste land that was once Foundry Street. Arrived this morning to find all the payment machines had disappeared over the weekend as has the NCP signage. Several people wandering around trying to find somewhere to pay. Anyone know what has happened? And am I going to get back later to find my car ticketed or clamped? How does it work if there's no way to pay or signage to indicate who owns the land? R
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