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  1. It's Christmas Eve when Carp is served. It is quite strange to go into Tescos in Poland and find containers of live Carp. Ehy would the angling fraternity get upset because Polish eat Carp?
  2. The list of money used on pointless improvements is endless, the Manchester Rd/Kingsway alterations on the traffic lights (or was this last year), paving over Cairo St, on Poplars Ave the council were taking out perfectly good double glazing replacing it with new windows, on North Way they provided drives for all the residents yet the bus still stops in the middle off the road stopping all traffic behind it. Yet if public money was used to save the building for the public would it not be equal waste of money, it might be Warrington's oldest building but it is nothing special as it stands today. Of course it had to be saved and it is a shame it did not become a pub, restaurant and a venue center for weddings and so on.
  3. Did Urban Splash not get a grant for the redevelopment, might be wrong? As for the electricity, I presume the electric feed was taken from newer farm house bit, which I believe was occupied until a few years ago.
  4. This used to happen in East Germany and communist Poland, if you bought anything substantial like property or a car (a Fiat 126 or a Lada ) you had to prove were the money came from
  5. I guess they are expecting more bridge accidents
  6. It is all to easy to forget the size of your trailer particularly if your used to a smaller one, tiredness and unfamiliar routes can play a part too. However that bridge gets bashed regularly, which suggests the council is the negligent party here with poor signage. The council seems to be awash with spare money maybe they could do with investing some in signs on that road to prevent this happening in the future.
  7. Charge more parking and rates to make up for the lost revenue.
  8. skittles

    Cairo St

    Why was Cairo St pedestrianized? Apart from one restaurant there is nothing down there, so why spend so much money on the street? Secondly it was a good point for disabled people to park to get to that side of town. Also they have stopped disabled people parking on Academy Way by putting Taxi bays, but no taxis ever use them.
  9. No, I am just Dizzy by nature not by name. Love the Dizzy aviator!
  10. yes i have got something wrong, i got things mixed up i was associating the square were the meat market was with hatters row. once you all get to know me better you will learn to ignore me!!!
  11. Me, not correct!!! So who owns Golden Square, is it not legal and General?
  12. skittles


    I took a couple of photos off the skittles the other day and had a thought, should they not have different coloured solar lighting on top of each column? Would not cost much.
  13. This is interesting and wonder why all of a sudden all the units are taken. While initiatives like this should always be welcome as I understand it the Golden Square and the hatters bit is not owned by the council. So the question is why have the initiatives been given to the Golden Square and not the town center were the council invested a lot of money in providing skittles, fountains and other features? But there is a second multi story near the market which serves the town center. The advantage of a shopping mall it is weather proof.
  14. rather then spending lots of money blocking off roads and putting in road humps why was the wide residential roads not reopened.
  15. I would have thought the answer is to build another Meccano car park like they did around the back of the hospital. Maybe there is also some opportunity to take some clinics off site, after all there is the new Jubilee center, soon to open the center were the old baths were and I am sure there are many other facilities around Warrington. Wonder how much admin is carried out on site that could be done some place else.
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