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  1. Not to mention the loss of a big part of sankey valley and other green space - seems to be a lot of housing planned all the way affectively a big housing estate between walton and sankey
  2. Map of the proposed routes of both bridges https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/davidmowat/pages/129/attachments/original/1422547388/Phase_4_Infrastructure_and_Development_Plan_Jan_15.pdf?1422547388
  3. This is a re-announcement well bridge 1 is - he announced it before and it was even discussed on here ( i think on a general traffic post) I'm sure i read somewhere at the time that bridge 1 is going somewhere at the bottom chester road near the allotments and will be crossing to near the golf place and will be similar in structure to the blue bridge near the village. The project also involves widening slutchers lane. Can't find where i read it now though... I imagine bridge 2 will somehow utilise the existing tip bridge to get to sankey. Apparently the real reason for doing it is not really to do with solving traffic issues - it's so houses can be developed on arpley meadows
  4. Can we post links here of all the fun street views scenes of Warrington we find?
  5. It wasn't a meteor as it started low and was rising slowly moving towards the stockton heath area of warrington. It could have been a hot air ballon but that just did not seem likely as when it was at its closest their was no noise. Eventually just before it went out of sight the orange glow disappeared, but we could still see the "UFO" for a few more seconds? Nobody else see this?
  6. Probably worth mentioning, I don't really think this is alien, I'm just wondering what this is? Regards Louis
  7. Hi guys did anybody see a fiery low flying object across the sky at this time? Any ideas what it was?
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