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  1. 24 minutes ago, asperity said:

    So are you in favour of banning wood chisels, screwdrivers, craft knives/box-cutters etc. Bill?  Or is it only cooks that are a danger in the home, not DIY enthusiasts?

    But what harm is this initiative causing?  Of course there are many ways that an abusive partner can cause injury to their family, not only physically.  Surely any effort to lessen the damage should be aplauded not ridiculed.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Latchford Locks said:


    Image result for Old School discipline

    So you actually feel that the brutalization and physical torture of children will make them more rounded and level headed adults?  Sort of how the Catholic children’s homes did to such great effect?  Not to mention it opening up a whole world of opportunities for child abusers and paedophiles,  you are around a century out of date or have very worrying persuasions.

  3. 57 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    So called "progressive" propaganda is now with us -  with a snowflake generation conditioned through our education system - you being a prime example.

    But which advert has been banned which had any effect on your life whatsoever?  Or are you just being offended for being offendeds sake?  That would make you a snowflake whinger, are you a snowflake whinger?  I suspect so.  How has this issue touched your life?  Do you own an ad company specializing in racist, homophobic, sexist, anti Islamic, anti Semitic or otherwise hurtful content and are now scared about revenue?  Or do you perhaps have some favourite adverts which because of their negative content may now be banned and you won’t have a clue which products to buy?  I suspect it’s neither and this is just another excuse you are using to promote your nasty agendas.  Tell me,  have you had any posts banned for homophobic or anti Islamic content recently?

  4. 26 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    What a complete dodo -   almost any household tool can be used as a lethal weapon; so no chance of guarding against them - it's people that kill, not weapons.   

    So if a person stands there and shouts “bang”  you’ll drop down dead?  You couldn’t stab someone with one of those knives.  Are you pro stabbing or something?  What possible harm could this initiative cause?  Except to wind up the perennially offended snowflake community or are you worried about losing your Sabatiers? Lol

  5. 25 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    More evidence of the systematic indoctrination of the snowflakes through our education system,  continued through the display of "progressive" imagery through advertising   - cultural dictatorship.

    Omg  you are even quoting yourself , how desperate.  So which advert is this one sided snippet from a non story meant to represent?  Which advert which has been banned do you miss?  Which advert which has been banned has had any affect on your life?  You simply love to find any excuse to be “offended” and then twist it to promote your pet hatred and prejudices.  Move on and get a life Snowflake

  6. 15 minutes ago, Observer II said:

    What's the Point ?   Anything with a cutting edge can slice a corotid,  a baseball bat can crack a skull and a pair of hands can strangle someone.  

    I see you’ve given it some thought.  With all the stabbings we hear of I would have thought any action to try to negate them should be welcomed,  but there’s always snowflakes wanting to be against any form of positive action.  Do you suggest complete inaction and that people sit on their thumbs shaking their heads in despair?  It’s a lot easier to conceal a kitchen knife than a baseball bat and a knife to the heart is usually more fatal than a smack with a bat.  What do you suggest?

  7. 7 hours ago, Bill said:

    Not that bad an idea actually and if the police think it may save the life of someone who's partner has violent tendencies, then maybe it's a good thing.

    When you think of it, there's no need for them to have a sharp point, after all their main role is to cutting rather than stabbing. If knives with points capable of stabbing someone were classed as daggers it'd make it much easier for the police to get a prosecution.


    Bill :)

    I'm inclined to side with Bill on this, if it saves a single life although it may be difficult to quantify .  Perhaps all kitchen knives should be designed in this way and get rid of pointed ones all together.


  8. 14 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    I presume  you are thinking of individual personal insurance.   It's just like buying car insurance except that the companies are medical specialists.  However there are some laws which they have to abide by, like covering pre existing conditions etc.   If it comes as part of your employment package, the employer negotiates and selects the particular insurer.  You then pick the extent of coverage you want and pay extra if necessary.

    Thesame applies when you retire.  The government plan comes with just a minimal monthly payment, but if you want a more comprehensive plan, you take out supplemental insurance on your own.  Some employers help here too.  My wife retired after 25years service and for that her employer pays the premium for top class coverage for both her and I.  We pay nothing for doctors visits, hospital visits, operations or treatment of any kind. Haven't put a hand in pocket since she retired.

    Phew! Thank heavens you are alright Jack, sod the rest, if they are poor they don’t matter.  

  9. 13 hours ago, asperity said:

    The number of "hate" crimes against Muslims in Liverpool dropped dramatically after Mo Salah became a fans favourite. Could this be because previously most "hate" crimes against Muslims in Liverpool had been committed by Liverpool fans? 🤔 Surely not 🙄.


    Perhaps Mo Salah even reaches the Bitter Blues lol  on a serious note anything which reduces hate, racism, and all it’s manifestations is a good thing, so well done Mr Salah and Liverpool Football Club succeeding both on and off the field of play

  10. 16 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    You see folks, this is what happens when you close places like Winwick Hospital.

    You live in denial and then come out with this tosh, you really should try harder.  

    Fact- more Manchester United fans were arrested for racist offenses than fans of any other Premier league club.

    Fact- the report uses police arrest records to compile the results.

    Fake - it was a survey


    Opinion -  United is a crap club with a crap fanbase and they ard pretty crap at playing football nowadays too .

    i suppose that in Texas you do racism far bigger and better than the Mancs do though  lol

  11. 6 hours ago, Dizzy said:


    ...is your habit or trying to 'upset' people (1) intentional (2) Necessary or (3) Unnecessary or (4) <insert your own 

    (4) Fun


    ps  I don’t have to try very hard lol

  12. 6 hours ago, Dizzy said:


    Oh my goodness :lol: I'm not whining and moaning PJ.   Ok so I guess you are right that the adverts have no effect on my life whatsoever either way.....

    You seem to be the one with the 'upset' issue though not me so what effect do the adverts have on your life?  Any or None ?

    Absolutely no effect whatsoever which is why I have no issue at all with the ban.  I appear to be the only one.  Also it seems that all posts complaining about the ban are by posters completely unaffected by its implementation.  One in particular used it to promote his homophobic and Islamaphobic agendas.  

    Now , try to forget about the ad ban and get on with you totally unaffected lives lol


  13. 7 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    Believing in surveys is like believing that man affect climate change.

    Fake news , fake news.  You sound just like Trump when he reads something he doesn’t like.  It’s not a survey it’s arrest records from the police.  Let’s face it United fans have been arrested almost twice as often as any other clubs fans for recorded racist offenses.  Crap club with a crap fan base.

  14. 9 hours ago, Observer II said:

    It's about "hurtful" stereotypes - like the girl who walked into the path of a cyclist, as she crossed a road with her head in a mobile phone - game, set and match you might say, but no.   A female judge found in her favour and awarded her damages;  thus giving two stereotypical gender examples !     😑

    Ooh I must have missed this ad, what was it advertising?  New phones, life insurance, cycle repairs?

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  15. So why whine and moan about something which has absolutely no affect upon your life.  Why do you condone upsetting people unnecessarily, whether they are gentle or not?    Will you really miss these types of adverts?  Makes me laugh to be honest. Well it would if the discourse about the ad ban hadn’t led to such vile slurs by certain posters

  16. 5 minutes ago, Confused52 said:

    Well if you haven't spotted that McDonnell and Corbyn are Communists there is no hope for you; take another look at their policies.


  17. 18 minutes ago, Davy51 said:

    That's why no deal needs to be on the table to try & manipulate a better deal than Treesa capitulated to.

    Hahahaha  watch my lips,  “ there will be no further discussions”  .  Economic lunacy

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